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Sep 30, 2019

Last week (Sep 24), Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) launched its China-focused English e-magazine, ThinkChina, which curates and translates China-related content from Lianhe Zaobao.

Zaobao has been covering the growth and development of China for decades, and ThinkChina will now be able to give English readers access to this content.

Understand the world’s second largest economy

China, as the world’s second largest economy, will feature strongly in the narratives of the world order going forward. Many of us may be working with Chinese people and even possibly work in China.

ThinkChina publishes original reporting, opinion pieces and columns across a wide spectrum of topics, covering political, economic, socio-cultural and technological developments in China and the Greater China region.

We help you see the big picture.

Nuanced perspectives from a unique vantage point

Read from journalists and writers who read and write in Chinese, who know China intimately and yet are able to provide that independent voice, from the perspective of a Chinese newspaper from Singapore.

Powered by Singapore’s Chinese language flagship daily Lianhe Zaobao, ThinkChina’s extensive network of Chinese-language journalists and writers are mainly from Singapore, China and other parts of Asia.

We seek to bring their nuanced and insightful perspectives to the English-speaking world through thoughtful curation and meticulous translation. This myriad of voices is projected from the unique vantage point of multi-ethnic Singapore – a proverbial little red dot in Southeast Asia.

Zaobao is one of the few foreign-owned Chinese language media accessible online in China. It has a monthly unique visitorship of 5 million, and a monthly pageview count of 100 million in China.

Greater Bay Area: Ambitions, realities and the position of Hong Kong

In this article, Zaobao China Editor Han Yonghong files her story from the Greater Bay Area and gives her take on Hong Kong’s position in the bay development amid the unrest. 

Expert views on politics and economics

Many of our contributors are experts in the know, with direct access to insider’s information.

They travel extensively in China to find out and understand the latest happenings and the sentiments of its leadership and people. 

Why the BRI needs the USA

Read Prof Gu Qingyang, expert on the Belt Road Initiative, on why the world needs the BRI and why the BRI needs the USA.

How not to get lambasted on the world stage: Some advice for China

Researcher and adviser Lance Gore shares why China’s efforts to be accepted on the international stage are not always well-received.

Beyond politics and economics

China is more than politics and economics. China has a long history and its civilization and culture stretches back thousands of years. In fact, many things happening in China today, are still strongly influenced by its history and culture. 

Without an understanding of China’ s history and culture, you cannot understand China. 

ThinkChina carries articles about China’s social trends, history and culture from our panel of experts. Our contributors know China deeply. Many of them have lived in China for extended periods of time or are now living and working in China. 

We are not only reaching out to business leaders and academics, we are also reaching out to a broader segment of the society who would like to understand more about China and will appreciate stories on the softer aspects of China.

China needs a ground breaking “New Culture Movement”

Read respected political scientist Zheng Yongnian on his analysis of the new culture movement in China

Mala ooh-la-la! Uncovering Sichuan cuisine’s myriad of flavours

Learn more about SiChuan cuisine with celebrated food writer Chuang Tzu-i .

Online lending is feeding the insatiable purchasing desire of Chinese youths

On a darker note, tech entrepreneur Yin Ruizhi talks about the psyche behind the shocking statistic that more than half of Chinese millennials have borrowed from online loan platforms.

Exciting personal columns

ThinkChina is not just about big reads and opinions. We also share on our site personal columns on China. How do individuals partake in the rise of China? How do overseas Chinese interact and reinterpret Chinese society and its culture?

Lost in translation – Trans-lost-ation!

Read about Technology transformation expert Kwek So Cheer’s lost-in-translation experience navigating the language barrier in China.

Encounters with Chinese Architecture

Prof Ho Puay-peng shares his take on how Chinese architecture is influencing Chinese architects outside of China, through an introspective piece on his father’s and his own works.

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