A taste of luxury at the Business Times Luxe Night

Wine is usually the tipple of choice at The Business Times Luxe Night, so it came as a pleasant surprise when the recent event featured whiskies.

Whisky appreciation is a growing passion all over the world and quickly becoming just as popular in Singapore. The event saw over 70 CEOs and senior executives gathered at Courts Megastore (Tampines) on May 28, Thursday for an evening of networking and whisky tasting.

Certified Specialist in spirits and wines Mr Lam Chi Mum kickstarted the event with an insightful presentation on the difference between Scotch and Japanese whiskies.

Mr Lam said: "Just like wine, there are light whiskies, heavy whiskies and even sweet whiskies to suit different occasions. Whiskies can differ by appearance, smell and taste; they can have butterscotch or coffee notes in them, or even leather and smokiness."

During the talk, Mr Lam also invited guests to sample the Hakashu 12-year-old single malt in the way they preferred — neat or with water.

To round off the evening, guests were also treated to a taste of luxury. They were among the first to view LG's latest TV innovations that offer the best in 4K OLED, which became available this year. A lucky draw was held at the end. Two whiskies — the Auchentoshan 18-year-old and the Hibiki 17-year-old worth more than $150 each — were given away to two guests.

 This event was jointly organised by The Business Times and Courts, in partnership with LG.

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