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A newspaper for the local Malay community, Berita Harian was established on July 1, 1957. It presents news, features and commentaries from home, the region and the world, featuring a wide spectrum of topics from sports to politics and religion.

The authoritative Berita Harian is also an avenue for the Malay community to voice their views on issues which concern them through regular engagements.

Berita Harian Digital provides a news platform for the Malay community covering topics such as sports, politics and Malay culture, arts and heritage. It also features videos and podcast.

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Print & Digital Weekly Readership
Monthly Unique Visitors
Monthly Page Views
0:08 mins
Average Time Spent Per Visit
Facebook Followers
Instagram Followers

Sources: Google Analytics (2022), Social Media (2022), GfK Audience Study (2021)

Audience demographics

90% want to make more out of life
83% always on the lookout for self-improvement opportunities
Looks for quality
83% seeks quality over price during purchase
98% place importance in family time
90% place family over career
88% make it a point to be physically active
84% look after personal health well

Source: Milieu (2022)

Main sections

Weekly features

The niche editorial environment is conducive for thematic advertising and opens up a world of opportunities.

Berita Minggu

Recharges the minds of Malay/Muslim readers with exciting lifestyle updates and other relevant stories.


Reach out to a young Malay community with Berita Harian’s podcast, #NoTapis, which speaks to the heart of its audience with topics of interest including travel, families and relationships, and food and drinks. 

The majority (46%) of listeners are aged 16 - 29, and are younger trend seekers invested in relationships, religion and quality experiences.

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Video series

Find videos at the BH website, BH Facebook, BH YouTube.

Student publication

Gen-G short for “Generasi Geliga”, is a must-read for upper primary and secondary school students. The 16-page tabloid-sized newspaper comes with the Monday edition of Berita Harian. It features important and interesting news in and beyond Singapore. Word games, fun activities and thought-provoking questions are included for students to try on their own, with friends or teachers.