The C3 Series

0900 Registration and breakfast

  • Breakfast will be served from 8.30am
0930 Welcome address
0940 How to build a brand in a social+mobile era

Kunal Gupta, Founder & CEO, Polar Mobile Group Inc

P&G’s ads on Facebook are seen for 1.7 seconds. You will scroll the height of the Guoco Tower on social media each day. Reach may be easy to find in digital but it is not enough to build a brand.

Polar partnered exclusively with SPH to bring the new Social Display ad solution to the Singapore market and over 100 local-market advertisers have used it in the past 100 days alone. The solution delivers high engagement and high attention for brands, at a time when they need it the most.

1010  Podcasting: Amplifying the human voice

Azhar Kasman, Stomp Editor, and Ernest Luis, Head of podcast productions

Content Strategists (English, Malay, Tamil Media Group)

Podcasting presents new opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers in a more personal way — by using the human voice to produce bespoke content — in various formats and on different platforms, including mobile.

Learn more about podcasting and how you can use it drive your brand’s message effectively through informative discussions with industry experts, and at the same time enrich the lives of your audience.

1040 Coffee Break
1100 Making a Video Pop!

Yeo Sam Jo, Multimedia Correspondent, ST Digital

In an age where everyone is starved for time and inundated with the hubbub of social media, how can you tell a story and sell your brand without people scrolling past you? There may not be a magic formula for going viral, but there are certainly ways to capture attention and turn this attention into action.

1130 Panel Discussion: A more profitable marketing mix with mobile and social

Now that mobile devices are users’ constant companions, how can you leverage on this when it comes to planning your campaigns?



Founder & CEO, Polar Mobile Group Inc

Kunal Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Polar, a technology platform provider whose mission is to enable a business model for premium content.

Polar’s partners include major global publishers and the business is headquartered in Toronto with offices in New York, London and Sydney.



Stomp Editor
Content Strategist (English, Malay, Tamil Media Group)

Azhar Kasman is the Editor of Stomp, SPH’s award-winning citizen-journalism site, and also a Content Strategist for SPH’s English, Malay, Tamil Media Group.

Besides his editorial duties, Azhar also explores new digital technologies and innovations for the newsroom and works closely with business clients to help them conceptualise and execute their digital content strategies.



Head, Podcast Productions
Content Strategist (English, Malay, Tamil Media Group)


Ernest was previously a digital news editor with The Straits Times and has now moved into a digital content strategy role to help discover new content platforms for The Straits Times and The Business Times so it can reach a wider audience globally.

He is developing podcasts as part of a voice strategy now.



Multimedia Correspondent, ST Digital

Sam Jo is the co-founder of Stirr – a social media initiative of The Straits Times that makes videos for young people.

Trained as a journalist at The Straits Times, The New Paper and RazorTV, Sam Jo now scripts, produces and presents content for Stirr. He also deals with branding, social media engagement and client pitches for the channel.