Canon clicks on SPHMBO screen at Chevron House

True to its spirit of fuelling the creative passion, Canon once again created an exciting new buzz in the heart of CBD with a larger-than-life replica of Canon EOS 7D Mark II at Raffles Place for their latest Out-Of-Home campaign.

Faced with stringent guidelines by the governing authorities in Singapore, especially in the CBD area where advertising opportunities are limited to a fixed structure such as billboard or a nondescript banner, advertisers are always looking for a chance to create some form creative execution within the approved guidelines. In conceptualising their Out-Of-Home campaign, Canon has definitely cut through the clutter with an indomitable presentation of its latest product with a screen-wrap on Chevron House digital screen.

The creative installation at the heart of Raffles Place has definitely drawn more than mere admiring eyes of the photography enthusiasts among the professional crowd. The creative–screen wrap also creates omnipresence for the brand while TV commercial amplifies the message in motion picture played out on-screen.

Mr Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director of Canon Singapore, attests to the success of this collaboration with SPHMBO. He said: “In planning for our latest EOS 7D Mk II campaign, we were looking for supplemental advertising platforms that will add a different dimension and visibility to this campaign. SPHMBO’s Out-of-Home solution was an ideal one. Being centrally located in the heart of the CDB, this larger than life screen-wrap brings attention to our latest DSLR and engages the premium business crowd in viewing the on-screen TVC and developing interest in the EOS7D Mk II. SPHMBO’s platforms will certainly be part of our planning consideration.”

For advertising enquiries, please call the SPHMBO Sales Hotline 6319-5226.