The Cars@Expo: Driving offline to online

Singapore’s largest automobile show, The Cars@Expo, leveraged on SPH’s O2O Scan solution to drive customer experience from offline to online, leading to increased event footfall and an engaging user engagement on-site, allowing for relevant data collection through gamification.

Increase in footfall

> 12,000
User engagement

> 900
Cars sold


The Cars@Expo is Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) popular biannual automobile show, co-organised by sgCarMart. While it is the go-to event to purchase cars and car-related accessories thanks to great deals from their exhibitors, the organisers continually take proactive steps to attract the right crowd and visitors to the event.

For its second edition this year that was held in October, the organisers wanted to create a car show that will attract potential car buyers to the event, but also engage them while they are there.


To promote the event, the organisers tapped on SPH’s omnichannel network, using its extensive print, digital, and radio platforms to shout out about the sweet deals on offer for both cars and car-related accessories.

However, to gain even more traction, the publicity was raised to another level when it tapped into its Offline to Online (O2O) Scan solution to drive traffic to the event.

O2O Scan creates a seamless offline to online experience by using offline visuals as a bridge to create online engagements that allow marketers to achieve their conversion goals.


Two days before the event, The Cars@Expo’s print ads were augmented with an additional call to action: Spin and win!

Readers were invited to scan a lucky draw wheel image using a web scanner that can be accessed through their mobile browser.

This leads them to a webpage where they can do a virtual spin of the wheel. Each spin is a sure win, with prizes ranging from shopping vouchers, magazine subscriptions, and event goodies.

After participants submitted their details, they received an email acknowledgment, which they could present at the redemption booth on site to claim their prize.

Meanwhile, during the event days themselves, scannable images were also placed around the exhibition area to also give visitors a chance to participate and win prizes, enhancing their on-site event experience.

This then fulfils the offline to online capabilities of the O2O Scan execution. With the simple action of scanning an image whether from the print ad or on-site, participants were led to an online engagement that involved gamification and resulted in both data collection and additional footfall to the event.


The Cars@Expo was the first large-scale campaign that used O2O Scan as a tool to drive offline to online conversions, with exciting results.

- We garnered more than 12,000 scans in 4 days
- Generated about 1,500 redemptions over 2 days

These contributed to The Cars@Expo’s over $120 million in sales and more than 900 cars sold.


SPH Group Marketing head Ms Sharon Cheong said: “Utilising O2O Scan for this event, we were able to generate online engagements that can be attributed to our offline ads and on-site collaterals. This played a part in the 20% increase in footfall for this show compared to the previous edition.”


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