Casio: G-Shock in motion

Motion ads deliver maximum impact for Casio's campaign


As part of an ongoing push for its premium watches, Casio wanted a campaign that will show how tough its G-Shock watches are, with an emphasis on their shock resistance, vibration resistance, and centrifugal force resistance.


In order to demonstrate the qualities that Casio wanted to showcase, motion ads were deployed to allow users to interact with the ad, creating maximum impact.


Due to the interactive nature of SPH Digitals motion ads, the campaign was able to generate strong CTR and engagement results.


What do you do when you want to show off qualities that go beyond just the visual?

Casio, the maker of G-Shock watches, wanted to demonstrate just how tough these timepieces are. They are, after all, shock-resistant, centrifugal force-resistant, and vibration-resistant.

Simply using an image of the watch will give the appropriate vibe, but it is not something the readers can experience. A video, meanwhile, may be more visual, but it still lacks the element of interactivity.

How then can you showcase these characteristics with the most impact and in a more unique and interactive way?


For Casio, we wanted to bring the experience into the digital space. The answer came in the form of our newest ad unit, motion ads. This high-impact ad unit is implemented on the article page when readers access the mobile web on their smartphone.

Using the phones accelerometer, the ad moves when the user moves the phone in any direction. This could be through shaking, tilting up and down, forming a circle, tilting a cube, and flipping left and right. Click here on your smartphone for a quick demo.

For the Casio motion ads, readers shook their phones and were able to get agood feel of what will happen to the watch when it is subjected to shock, centrifugal force, and vibration. This clearly highlighted the credentialing of the G-SHOCK MT-G. Its tough.

In this instance, the simulation through motion shows that under the same circumstances, other screens may crack. The G-Shock, however, remains absolutely tough.



Monitoring the campaign showed that the campaign performance improved over time, which could support the ad worlds definition for effective frequency. That is, the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an advertising message in order to get him or her to react to it.

Another key learning is thatcreative execution and copy has a significant impact on the campaign performance.

With strong CTR and engagement results, motion ads are an excellent choice for more creative campaigns. Compared to the benchmark for the ad unit in a similar position, the motion ads in this campaign had a 65% uplift.