Cathay Pacific BrandInsider

Cathay Pacific #lifewelltravelled campaign captures the attention of locals


  • To build customer loyalty/relationship, raise brand awareness and drive both engagement and lead generation with Singapore’s audience
  • To serve as a platform to inspire customers to travel well, discover new destinations or even re-discover familiar places for their future travels


Our 6-pronged content marketing approach:

  1. Design: Customised microsite - in line with Cathay Pacific (CX)'s branding - that is visually-driven with both rich media and videos
  2. Develop: Ideate, create, curate. We worked with the CX team to plan a year-long content calendar with fresh content written by the BrandInsider (BI) team; each writer backed by years of journalistic experience. We utilized that skill set and covered some of these by first-hand experience: flying with Cathay Pacific and going behind the scenes both in Singapore and Hong Kong where the carrier is based
  3. Discover: Traffic to the microsite is native and discoverable as CX BI sits on with traffic drivers from the news platform's homepage
  4. Distribute: The engaging site is mobile responsive and articles are amplified via various channels: SPH’s network ( and, ST's Facebook & Twitter pages, BI’s Facebook and audience targeting as value-add
  5. Deliver: Always-on content marketing campaign that focuses on quality engagements
  6. Data: Weekly reports on content and site's performance are shared with the client
27,000 page views
27,000 page views
20,000 page views
20,000 page views
18,000 page views
18,000 page views


  • We delivered a variety of purposeful pieces that performed with an average of 13,000 page views and 4 minutes dwell time per article
  • We also tapped into our own repository to curate highly relevant stories related to travelling and Cathay Pacific
  • Traffic Driver Performance: In total, throughout the year-long campaign, traffic drivers served close to 72 million impressions and garnered 75,000 clicks. 76% of traffic drivers surpassed the ad benchmark
  • BrandInsider Tactical Banners & Quicklinks Performance: Tactical banners such as IMU performed well with 0.41% CTR. This was a successful lead generation for Cathay Pacific, driving readers to their website for more information on travel destinations and deals