Celebrating togetherness with My Paper

Commemorating International Friendship Day, My Paper organised the My Paper Love Hunt, an Amazing Race-like challenge, on July 12.

Eighty teams signed up for this year’s challenge.   Each team had to complete 13 challenges, which required them to decipher given clues that led them to the various shops or locations within Bugis+ and Bugis Junction.  At each location, participants had to successfully finish a given task, like a blindfold taste test or shooting darts before they can proceed to the next.

The duo of Ms Zhou Jiu Yu and her husband, Mr Kim Min Woo, both 29, won the top prize of $2,000 cash.

Apart from the three winning teams who won based on speed, some other participating teams also got special awards, including most sportsmanship, most energetic and most photogenic.

As event sponsor, Bugis+ and Bugis Junction also sponsored 1 million STAR$® (equivalent to S$1000 CapitaVoucher) which was given away through a lucky draw.

David Gage Peh, manager of marketing communications of Bugis Junction and Bugis+, is very pleased with the overwhelming response this year, which attracted people from all walks of life and ages. "All the teams completed the three-hour hunting race. Though all ended up sweaty, we've got very good feedback that they find the race exciting and would definitely join again," he said.

Octhaviane Gunawan, Marketing & Events Manager, iDarts Singapore Pte Ltd, said: "My staff said it went smoothly. I also heard a lot of teams came back to our outlet after the event."

For more information on partnership opportunities with My Paper, please contact May Chan at 6319 1134 or email chanlsm@sph.com.sg.