Classified Apps Ad Specifications

Showcase your business offerings on our quality classifieds sites with cost-effective performance-based measures and trackers. Benefits include:

  • Instant exposure.
  • Drive highly qualified and targeted traffic to your website through relevant keywords and ad copies.
  • Tailored call-to-action.
  • ROI-driven action which helps to increase sales leads and conversion.
  • Targeting previously misspelt brand/product names and lifestyle keywords.
  • Effective for tracking special promotions that take place within a specific time frame.
  • Beat competition and dominate your industry.



STClassifieds on Mobile
Dimensions (in Pixels) Cost
640 x 812 (Portrait) $1,000/week



Take Over Banner for iPhone
Dimensions (in Pixels) Cost
320 x 420 (Portrait) $15,000 for 30 days