Connect with the SPH audience through themed virtual events

September 16, 2020 

Take brand engagement to the next level with SPH’s themed virtual events. Create meaningful experiences and showcase your products and services to your desired audience as you collaborate with your title of choice — from news publications to lifestyle magazines.

Make the most of SPH’s reach and omnichannel platforms through curated events that drive brand experiences and lead generation. Each curated event package will include media entitlements for pre- and post-publicity as well as event planning and execution.


Take a look at some event concepts you can choose from, or contact us directly to customise your own event!

  • Virtual Masterclass: Looking to showcase your products or do demos and tutorials? Try the virtual masterclass concept to educate readers while letting your brand shine!
  • Food Tasting: Cook up an event that offers the best of both worlds. Your new menu set can be delivered to selected audiences/guests for a live streamed food tasting session
  • Cook-Along: Cooking workshop where participants will use your products to re-create a specific dish or menu alongside a guest chef
  • Beauty Talks: Delivery of beauty kits to a selected audience group for an intimate engagement on the sharing of practical DIY beauty tips and maintaining a professional beauty regime at home

 For more information on creating personalised events for your brand, email now.


Virtual Events Packages


Online webinar platform in collaboration with various SPH Publications


Entitlements vary according to event package


Deadline vary according to event package