COURTS-ONE FM $20,000 Ultimate Man Cave of treasures

The 8-week long “Courts-ONE FM $20,000 Ultimate Man Cave” contest that gave away the latest tech and gadgets to listeners ran on ONE FM 91.3, a radio station targeting men aged 30 and above.

Courts saw the synergy with the radio station, as they took the opportunity to promote key electronics, devices and gadgets for the home to the same target audience through integrated ONE FM platforms.

The contest gave fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite tech and gadget, via an app hosted on ONE FM's Facebook page. The app also featured a wide array of items which were available for sale at Courts or on their online store. Fans who voted will enter the draw for a chance to win either Courts vouchers daily.

In addition to, ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show Glenn, The Flying Dutchman and Andre gave away the Man Cave “Item of the Week” to one lucky fan every week. The week's item was also added into the Ultimate Man Cave where one fan won the entire suite of Man Cave items at the end of the contest.

Courts leveraged on the station's Facebook network of over 107,000 fans to promote its online ecommerce site, with all Man Cave items listed on the app linked directly to a Courts-ONE FM microsite hosted on

On ground, ONE FM organised street team efforts in the CBD / working professional areas, distributing flyers to promote this contest and drive tune-ins for the station. Courts also provided space for the station to do a live broadcast at one of their stores. The station also printed posters, in-store wobblers for the key Man Cave items, driving fans to tune in and take part in the contest on ONE FM.

Being a key station campaign, Courts also received extensive on-air exposure, via all day contest trailers and DJ adlibs. Newspaper advertisements to promote this contest were also published in The Straits Times, The New Paper and Berita Harian.

ONE FM continues to create fun campaigns that benefits both its ardent fans and valued partners. If you’d like to explore unique advertising opportunities on ONE FM 91.3, please feel free to contact Foo Shu-Yi at or call 6319 5561 or 8499 0749.