EDM Ad Specifications

Maximum File Size 40kb ( HTML only)
Format HTML with sliced images (JPEG/ GIF) ONLY
Title / Subject 88 characters including whitespace
Preheader 60 characters including whitespace
Tracking Link All tracking link must be inserted into its respective links
Other Requirements / Notes All images to include both < alt > and < title >
Rich Format Elements (E.g. Flash, QuickTime, Javascript, form & data capturing scripts) are not accepted.
NO Image Mapping in the HTML
NO colspan and/or rowspan in the HTML
All CSS should be in-line (do not put within the tag or use external style sheet)
PDF materials are NOT accepted
[ADV] or <ADV> precede EDM subject title.
[ADV] or <ADV> does not add to the word count limit.
Lead Time 3 working days prior to broadcast