Female listeners get fit with Kiss92 and Gleneagles Hospital

Female fans of Kiss92, a radio station targeting women and families, went on a journey to be lean, strong and age defiant with the station and Gleneagles Hospital.

Kiss92 customised an on-air segment on the morning drive time belt that shared fitness and health tips to their female listeners.

This six-week long programme was led by Kiss92 DJ Maddy Barber and lifestyle coach Wong Li-Lin.  They shared topics such as the importance for women to be lean and strong, how to make daily exercise possible, how to eat wisely and conditioning exercises.

This segment also had medical experts from Gleneagles Hospital, the key partner for this programme, who spoke about relevant women health issues including heart health, how to exercise and treat exercise-induced asthma, common back injuries in sports and more.

Kiss92's Lean, Strong and Age Defiant with Gleneagles Hospital also had social media presence, via weekly exercise videos led by Li-Lin that were uploaded on Kiss92's Facebook, website and Instagram page.

Fans were also encouraged to show their #LeanStrongAgeDefiant efforts with the hashtag on Instagram, which garnered more than 500 entries.  Prizes were given to inspiring entries.

This segment culminated to a two-hour workshop titled ”Kiss & Tell” for interested women. Participants picked up more health tips from Li-Lin as well as medical specialists from Gleneagles Hospital.

Other healthcare or pharmaceutical brands can plan similar programmes with the station, which can help to customise segments that are relevant to the brand’s core audience; thus helping it to achieve key objectives for its potential clients.

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