Get the best of both worlds with AIA Savest™

A recent study unveiled by AIA Singapore — AIA – Your Wealth Matters: Uncovering Singaporeans’ Financial Challenges And Priorities — showed that Singaporeans’ financial priorities, portfolio allocation and concerns vary across genders. The study concluded that married couples have different financial planning approaches, with men generally being more aggressive in investing while women preferring to save.

To highlight the importance of both savings and investing to growing one’s wealth, AIA Singapore launched AIA Wealth Pro Advantage, the market’s first innovative 2-in-1 Savest™ plan — a brand new way for individuals to start managing their wealth by saving and investing at the same time.

Savest™ is a fresh concept trademarked by AIA Singapore, which adopts a balanced financial planning approach by offering the stability of long-term savings with the growth potential of investments to allow individuals to reap the best of both worlds.

To introduce this new Savest™ concept and financial innovation to the public, AIA Singapore worked together with SPHMBO to unveil Singapore’s first large-scale lenticular (shaped like a lentil, especially by being biconvex) installation located at the Ocean Financial Centre, a prestigious underground linkway in the heart of the Central Business District. AIA Singapore moved beyond the traditional approach to highlight its core message of how Savest™ brings together two elements of saving and investing as on, in a fresh, bold and impactful way.

Ms Ho Lee Yen, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Singapore, said: “AIA Singapore developed the Savest™ concept based on the understanding that consumers today are seeking the best of both worlds — an effective wealth management solution that allows customers to save and invest to build their wealth for the long term. We are excited to launch the AIA Wealth Pro Advantage plan to address their multiple concerns.” 

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