Get your daily news fix with the new My Paper mobile app

Don’t fret if you missed your daily copy of My Paper, you can now read the electronic recreation of the bilingual freesheet on your mobile devices via the new free apps available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Both English and Chinese sections of the paper are available and readers can enjoy up to past seven published issues. Once you have downloaded the e-paper, you can actually read it offline as the e-paper is stored on mobile device for eight days before being deleted automatically.  For those who prefer to delete the copy as you are done, you can do it manually.

Pages, articles, photos and advertisements on the e-paper can also be shared via the app. By tapping the “Share” option in the app, readers can choose to crop an image of the page before sharing it via platforms such as Facebook and e-mail. This feature is available for the iOS version of the app and will be available on the Android at a later date.

According to Mr Rahul Pathak, the Editor of My Paper’s English section, the new apps “will deepen My Paper’s connections with our existing readers, while finding new ones”.

Ms Elsie Chua, Executive Vice-President and Head of Marketing Division at Singapore Press Holdings, said that the app will serve the needs of both readers and advertisers who are not able to get a copy of the physical paper.  “We are confident that this app will also expand our readership and deliver better advertising results for clients,” she said.

For more information and partnership opportunities with My Paper, contact Chok Huey Jiuan at 6319-1518 /