Harper’s BAZAAR introduces “BAZAAR20” for its 20th year celebration

December 2020

Celebrate Harper’s BAZAAR 20th anniversary next year with “BAZAAR20”, a customisable event concept curated for 20 Friends of BAZAAR.

Make the most of BAZAAR’s audience through BAZAAR20 to drive brand experiences and lead generation. BAZAAR’s audience are all about knowing the best in international fashion, beauty, jewels, travel and the arts and BAZAAR continues to excite readers with fantastic shopping ideas, awe-inspiring pictorials and solutions for time-strapped, cash-rich individuals.

BAZAAR20 events are highly customisable and can be held anytime in year 2021. Suggested concepts include boutique events like fashion presentations or hosting a sampling session at a pop-up bar.

Each curated event package will include media entitlements for pre- and post-publicity as well as event conceptualisation and planning.

These events can be executed in 3 ways, subject to prevailing government regulations:

  1. 20-pax event at 1 single session
  2. Small groups of 4-5pax with event split into a few sessions
  3. Virtual event hosted on Zoom

Packages start from S$20,500 and are valid from now till 30 November 2021.

Get in touch with Christopher Chan at cwochris@sph.com.sg today to find out how you can personalise your own event!

BAZAAR 20th Anniversary Event Package

Harper's Bazaar

Starting from $20,500

Includes one event activation, brand showcase in a selected print issue and minimum 1 online advertorial

Packages are valid from now till 30 Nov 2021

Christopher Chan