HAVAS emerges tops and wins a $10,000 contract

Bragging rights for SPH Radio’s Agency Beer Pong Championships 2015 goes to the team from HAVAS, who ousted over 30 teams to emerge as unscathed but definitely intoxicated. 

SPH Radio’s Agency Beer Pong Championships 2015 was held on Dec 10 at Arn Nan at Suntec Sky City Garden. The winning team was rewarded with a $10,000 contract, $300 worth of shopping vouchers, a compact fridge filled with beer, a trophy, a Beer Pong table and of course, bragging rights as the best team in agency Beer Pong land.

SPH Radio Beer Pong was initiated to build on SPH Radio’s existing relationship with its agency friends. Friendships were strengthened over food, drinks and fun. The 40 pre-event slots filled up fast, and agency friends were invited to support their work buddies or just to eat, drink and be merry. 

With many supporters present, the finals was an intense event, making the atmosphere electrifying. Many were on their toes throughout the event and left with hoarse voices and filled stomachs. Popular DJs from ONEFM, UFM 100.3 and KISS 92 were also on hand to keep the evening buzzing with excitement.

The response was encouraging, and SPH Radio will continue to organise more such events in the future, with clients’ and listeners’ unique objectives as its guiding and driving forces.

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