Her World celebrates International Women’s Day 2021 with an inspiring editorial line-up

January 2021

Building on the success of #HerWorldHerStory for Her World’s 60th anniversary last year, Her World is launching a new series in March as an annual signature editorial initiative spotlighting female achievers across different industries to empower and inspire others.

The entire campaign will have presence on print, digital, podcast and short-form videos, with sponsorship packages starting from as low as $10,000.

The series will focus on different themes each time to define and determine a curated list of women to be featured every March. For International Women’s Day 2021, Her World will spotlight 10 women in leadership positions, across different industries and professions.

Editorial initiatives for this series include:

HW POW WOW IWD Edition: A women-empowering monthly podcast series where HW Editor Ng Yi Lian and #HerWorldTribe member/host Charmaine Yee dives deep into heart-to-heart conversations with trailblazing women to learn about their struggles and wins.

HW IG Live Chats:  #HerWorldWithYou  with a  leader/entrepreneur. Each session will focus on a different topic such as on mental health, gender equality etc.

Magazine Features for IWD includes: 

HW’s Gender Confidence Gap: HW touches on why women are more affected by imposter syndrome, and speak to high-achieving women about their experiences, lack of female representation in their fields, and get helpful tips on how to overcome this self-doubt.

5 Next-gen Creatives: A look at 5 young female Singaporean creatives who are marching to the beat of their own drum when it comes to their craft.

My Mentor: A feature story on a female mentor-mentee pair, on how they have inspired and empowered each other.

Results from the HW “What Women Want” Survey:  The report, based on a survey of over 1,000 women on issues the female gender face in the workplace, at home, and within society will broach on the challenges, concerns, and experiences of real women, and identified key areas for change. Results will be available across multi-platforms, from print, digital, web to social.

Celebrating Women Content Hub on herworld.com : This special website hub, scheduled to be launched on 1 March 2021, will house more than 20 inspiring stories of women from all walks of life, from women in leadership to next gen creatives to women advocating for women. Examples of these stories include how brands are celebrating IWD, meaningful ways to celebrate IWD etc. This content hub will be promoted across HW’s social platforms and LinkedIn page over 4 weeks in March.


Her World is the No. 1 women’s magazine in Singapore, with the largest print readership, total platform reach of over 1 million women and garnering 5 million online page views monthly.

Reach out to an established audience of high-achieving women who rely on Her World as a guide to all things useful, empowering and inspiring.


22nd January


Get in touch with Eileen Chia at elchia@sph.com.sg to find out how you can be a part of Her World International Women’s Day 2021 today!


Package 1 : Her World IWD Pack (Starting from $28,000)


1x DPS print ad in HW March Issue

1 week x Page Takeover on Homepage + Women + ROS HW.com

1 week x Trans Ad on HW.com

1x advertorial on HW.com for 4 weeks (4,500 PVs)

1x 60 sec editorial sponsorship video OR 1x customised podcast

Package 2 : Celebrating Women Content Hub (Starting from $17,000)


1 week x Page Takeover on Homepage + Women + ROS HW.com

2x advertorial on HW.com for 4 weeks (housed under Celebrating Women Content Hub)

Client’s branding in the Content Hub masthead

Content Hub native inline for 4 weeks

1x blast in HW IWD newsletter

Package 3 : IWD 2021 - March Issue (Starting from $10,000)


1x full-page ad (HW March Issue)

1x full-page advertorial (HW March Issue)

1x advertorial on HW.com for 4 weeks (4,500 PVs)

Additional IWD Facebook Story for advertisers (Editorial support from HW for packages with HW)