KISS92 goes “live” with instant requests

KISS92, Singapore’s fastest growing station and one always seeking the best for its listeners, has a new “live” DJ for its 8pm to midnight time-slot. The aim is to connect with listeners on a new level.

Wrap up your day with Joshua Simon as he takes in KISS92 instant requests for that special message that you want to deliver to your loved ones. The DJ with a big personality will convey your message with much panache and feelings. He will also count down the Top 5 most requested songs at 9pm, and bring you the hottest pop gossips and freshest entertainment news.

Titled Josh’s Goodnight Kiss, the show runs with immediate effect from Mondays to Fridays, 8pm to midnight.

Josh’s Goodnight Kiss replaces KISS92’s previous engagement with America’s most popular host, Ryan Seacrest. Among many other benefits, the instant requests give listeners a say in the songs they want played on air. They can also improve their connection with Joshua as they will have future opportunities to see him in person during station and/or client on-ground engagements.

Listeners will also likely be able to identify with some of the local content that Joshua may include in his show.

Clients’ needs will be met through new advertising opportunities that will be made immediately available with Open Talk and Live Read segments — advertisers can utilise them to promote their brands and/or products.

SPH Radio believes that each client is unique with differing objectives, and its strategy is to tailor each campaign proposal to fit these needs.

Strengthening the tripartite relationship between agencies, advertisers and media owners is a constant motivation as SPH Radio strives to keep raising the bar.

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