Lianhe Zaobao LOHAS Mega Health Seminar 2018

Over 600 attended the engaging Lianhe Zaobao LOHAS Mega Health Seminar 2018 event held at The Star Gallery @ The Star Performing Arts Centre on 03 November 2018.

6 top notch medical specialists, shared the following health topics:

  • Common vs. uncommon skin problems among the elderly
  • Hearing loss and dementia
  • Caring for liver health in the middle age and beyond
  • Rehabilitation through smart robots and technology
  • When to go A&E
  • Is urinary incontinence a natural part of ageing?

On top of having presentations, there was also experiential booths where the attendees get to try products and services offered through our wellness partners and Health No. 1 Magazine.

Raffles Medical Group and The Hearing Specialist are the wellness partners of the event.