Lianhe Wanbao educates readers on Chinese herbs

Three hundred Lianhe Wanbao readers participated in the ZTP Health seminar held at the SPH Auditorium on June 5. Lianhe Wanbao was the media partner for this seminar.  

They key topic covered at the seminar was on how to purchase cordyceps. ZTP specially invited an overseas speaker from China, Ms Li Yuling, to educate readers on how to differentiate between good and bad quality cordyceps. She also touched on the history and myths of the herb.

In addition, renowed chef Pang Nyuk Yoon whipped up some innovative dishes that used traditional herbs like bird’s nest and cordyceps, turning them into tasty and nutritious meals for the whole family. 

Readers were also able to enjoy the exclusive product discounts offered by our sponsor at the event.   

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