‘Life Well Travelled’ Cathay Pacific campaign at Chevron House and Marina Bay Link Mall

Cathay Pacific extends its new CX brand campaign on ‘Life Well Travelled’, which was launched early this year, into its second phase. With much emphasis from other airline competitors on either their low pricing or high-end frills aspects, Cathay Pacific needed to position its brand in a unique space, in terms of personalised service and enabling its customers to travel well as part of living well.

The second phase of this campaign aims at reaching out to the frequent business travellers and leisure travellers who will travel with their family and kids.

By flying with Cathay Pacific for business or leisure, CX inspires and enables people to travel well as part of living well.

Cathay Pacific chose SPHMBO’s Chevron House Digital LED screen and static wall panels placed in Marina Bay Link Mall, with high traffic flow from the PMETs, to boost its brand campaign.

Mr Jimmy Lee, Marketing & Sales Manager of Cathay Pacific, said:  “We wanted to influence our target audience with large striking images and inspiring taglines of how the Cathay Pacific service ethos of ‘Life Well Travelled’ is applicable in any aspect of their travel, whether it is during work or leisure. The coverage at Chevron House Digital LED screen facing Raffles Green and Marina Bay Link Mall basement locations were ideal as they not only capture the attention of the PMETs when they are on the go, as it is strategically near to the train station, but also captures the audience when they are taking a break at any nearby shops, cafés and snack joints."

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