Unveil & Win Your Way To Macao Campaign

"Unveil and Win Your Way to Macao" has successfully attracted an average footfall of 550,000 per month

The Straits Times partnered with Pacific Leisure Marketing Pte Ltd in this outdoor campaign.


  • To promote Macao as a popular tourist destination
  • To use creative outdoor displays to captivate and enable consumers to visualize Macao's main attractions


To enable top-of-mind recall, we created a tangible peek of the true Macao experience with a combination of visuals featuring iconic Macao’s attractions, events and festivals, and entertainment.

To enable consumers to better visualize what can be done when visiting Macao, a 55-inch plasma TV was installed as a centre-piece of the wall display and the promotional video of “Experience Macao Your Own Style” was played on loop.

Macao’s rich Portuguese cultural and architectural history and heritage was showcased via the use and feature of Portuguese tiles wallpaper and cobblestone floor stickers which mimic the city’s street scenes.

Other equally striking visuals depicted the city’s successful efforts to preserve its multicultural heritage alongside state-of-the-art world-class facilities.

The use of different colours illustrated the vibrancy of Macao as a one-stop destination with non-stop entertainment and excitement. Adding fun and engagement into the wallscape display, 2 designated sections of the wall were filled with 1,500 peel-off stickers.

A total of 150 winning stickers and 1,350 non-winning stickers was installed, inviting consumers to peel off the stickers and unveil the prizes which included flight travel vouchers to Macao.

Non-winning stickers featured a “Thank You” message and a “Fun Fact” about Macao.

The sticker wall image was layered and the overall display was not affected even after the stickers were peeled off. This interactive wallscape display campaign was carried out to encourage individuals to explore and learn more about Macao in a fun, interesting and memorable way―whenever and whoever they were with.


The “Unveil and Win Your Way to Macao” wallscape display campaign attracted an average footfall of about 550,000 per month. All 1,500 stickers were peeled off within half a day after the display was put up. Out of the 150 winning stickers, 36 stickers were redeemed for prizes via the campaign microsite.