More than meets the eye at Ocean Financial Centre

Partnering with its media agency, MEC, media owner SPHMBO and creative agency Publicis Singapore, Citibank Singapore presents a creative advertising format at Ocean Financial Centre, which takes on an innovative 3D illustration and a quiz game through an interactive touch-screen.

Spanning a length of 37m, two-dimensional (2D) representations on the surface of the wall appear as three-dimensional (3D) through the use of 3D illustration techniques and optical illusion. Additionally, as part of the campaign, an interactive touch-screen has also been launched where pedestrians of this underground link network can participate in a quiz and stand to win prizes. 

Aimed to raise greater brand awareness among the PMEBs for their ‘The Global Client’ campaign, Citibank’s use of compelling 3D visual in this installation definitely made some pedestrians stop in their tracks for an extra glimpse and even taking ‘selfie’ shots at the wall, thus achieving high top of mind recall of the brand’s information in an engaging and fun manner.

As quoted by Ms. Alice Fok, customer franchise director at Citibank Singapore, “We came up with a creative concept that was based on innovative 3D illustration techniques and a touch-screen quiz game element. The idea was to grab the relevant audience’s attention and the Ocean Financial Center walkway offers an ideal setting for us to engage our core segment for the campaign – The Global Client.”

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