New formats & features for revamped ZB Classifieds

Nov 1, 2019

Lianhe Zaobao has completely revamped its Classifieds section, offering both readers and advertisers alike an enhanced experience, with new categories, themed content, and fresh ad formats.

The changes include:


The revamped section will also feature editor-curated content themes, creating a credible and dynamic marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

This will allow readers to sniff out the latest market trends, through stories curated by journalists together with reviews and analyses from experts.

Themed content that highlight products also give consumers a better way to compare.


Alongside top categories such as property, vehicles, and jobs, exciting new categories have been created to focus on our communities’ lifestyle needs based on customer feedback.

The new categories are:

乐享人生 / Enjoy Life – focusing on Food, Drink and Play
养生养颜 / Wellness and Beauty
家居所需 / Home improvements
商机 / Business Opportunities

A specially curated category, Well Wishes, will also be available for readers to place free congratulatory ads.


Advertisers can look forward to new advertising options to cater to specific needs. This includes new cover and wraparound concepts, and enhanced offerings such as mini-displays, advertorials, and sponsorship packages.

Clients can also utilise the front cover either as ads or add-ons.


With the revamped ZB Classifieds, advertisers can expand their reach to non-Zaobao readers. Additional copies can be sent out for standalone distribution either to targeted audiences (e.g. young families in new estates) or localised distribution (geographical targeting).

The papers can also be distributed at SPH events and roadshows that will allow you to reach out to different groups of audiences.


To maximise advertisers’ exposures, a variety of ad packages have been created to tailor to various needs.

Content sponsorship is also now available as an option, allowing advertisers to sponsor relevant columns in the section. This includes the Market Trends column (property/vehicles/cultural improvement), Info and Tips (jobs and lifelong learning), as well as the Lifestyle column (wellness and beauty).


  • Enhanced content
  • New categories
  • Refreshed ad formats
  • New audience
  • New buying formats


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