New TNP is richer in content, greater in reach

Come Dec 1, the brand new version of The New Paper, curated from TNP and MyPaper, will have larger and extended reach to more savvy readers such as PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives and businessmen).  

The free sheets, available from Monday to Saturday, will have a distribution network of 
300,000 copies per day to homes, offices and MRT stations. Targeting a more upmarket readership, this new product will cover content including business and economic trends, human interest stories, entertainment, sports, star style and fashion.

The trade launch on Oct 25 gave over 300 advertisers and agencies a glimpse of its new design and content mix. Mr Warren Fernandez, editor-in-chief of SPH’s English/ Malay/ Tamil Media Group, said that TNP, which was launched in 1988, has established a reputation for its creativity in its storytelling, graphics and design. It has also developed a loyal base of readers who pay for each copy of the paper. He added: “As the readership has become more educated, more affluent, more savvy and more sophisticated, so we have to adapt to serve this readership in a new way.”

Mr Eugene Wee, who will be taking over as the newspaper’s new editor, said about the new masthead: “The word ‘new’ is highlighted, because that’s what it is all about. We always try new things, in terms of storytelling , how we engage our readers and how we partner our advertisers.”

The brand new paper will also continue to showcase its columnists like Neil Humphreys, Biker Boy Zaihan Mohamed Yusof, food writer Yeoh Wee Teck and Head Chef Hedy Khoo.

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