Nirvana Memorial Garden reflects on life after death


Death is seen as taboo - a subject mostly avoided by the general public.

It can be especially challenging for funeral homes like Nirvana Memorial Garden to establish its brand due to the superstitious nature of Singaporeans who may view such businesses as inauspicious and unlucky.

Hence, a strategy was needed to broach the topic of death to everyone in a gentle manner, whilst subtly establishing Nirvana Memorial Garden as the leading partner for afterlife matters.


Our team formulated a strategy to generate talkability on the subject of death, with the end point in mind of introducing Nirvana Memorial Garden to the public.

The idea was to reach out to as many people as possible who have experienced death in one way or another – to get them to reflect on end-of-life issues; the inevitability of death as well as the importance of responding responsibly and appropriately.

One way to do so was to introduce a nationwide tribute writing contest for people who wished to pay tributes to their deceased loved ones.


The team made use of Print, Digital, Radio and Outdoor (PDRO) platforms to push out the tribute writing contest as well as other death related topics through sponsored content.

Print: Contest ads were published on Lianhe Zaobao while related sponsored content were published on both Lianhe Zaobao and The Straits Times.

Digital: Tactical banners, leaderboards and IMU on

Radio: Infocapsules, ad libs and contest trailers on primetime belts.

Outdoor: 30-second television commercials shown on 250 screens spread out over 17 Singhealth institutions.


Post campaign, Nirvana found that its brand resonated more with people at roadshows and that they were generally more receptive towards pre-planning for end-of-life matters.

Overall, we recorded:

For tribute contest,

entries received




For sponsored content,

unique visitors

2.1 min
average time spent


“We are pleased with the creative ideas that came through for this branding campaign, particularly the tribute-writing platform on print and radio, which was a strong channel for those who had missed their loved ones that had passed on; allowing for them to find a closure to the separation by penning down their deep felt feelings. This was definitely a unique way to build brand association."

Samantha Wong (Marketing Manager)