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ST senior health correspondent Joyce Teo (left) with podcast producer Hadyu Rahim. ST PHOTO: ERNEST LUIS

21 March 2022

The Straits Times (ST) has introduced four new podcast series that focus on relevant and timely topics, such as work lives, scams, and behind-the-scenes revelations of the ongoing battle during the Covid-19 pandemic, to add to its growing array of podcasts. Each podcast is helmed by a seasoned ST journalist, and features the voices of expert industry guests and other experienced journalists. Created in-house, dedicated podcasts ensure high quality and professional journalistic integrity of the podcast productions.

●        Work Talk, hosted by The Straits Times senior correspondent Krist Boo, will be a new fortnightly podcast launched in April and is aimed at helping listeners to work smarter, think deeper and get ahead in their work lives.

●        Stop Scams, hosted by deputy news editor Andre Yeo and news journalists, is a monthly podcast that was launched last month. It aims to raise greater awareness of the modern scourge of scams in Singapore and globally. Follow Stop Scams

●        Unsolved Mysteries of South-east Asia, hosted by The Straits Times’ regional correspondents based across Asia, is a special edition monthly podcast series launched this month. The 5-part series lasting till July dives into unsolved mysteries in South-east Asia, and examines underlying issues these events have exposed and how they reflect societies. Follow Unsolved Mysteries of SEA

●        Singapore's War On Covid, based on selected chapters from a book by The Straits Times, is on Singapore’s experience battling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The 6-part monthly series lasts till July and is hosted by ST’s executive editor Sumiko Tan, senior health correspondent Joyce Teo and health correspondent Timothy Goh. Follow Singapore's War On Covid

These join the 15 podcast series with regular episodes every other week in The Straits Times roster. ST podcasts are always featured in straitstimes.com once the episode drops. These are also available on the ST Podcasts channel, or on their own channels, on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, the SPH Awedio app, Google Home and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Explore ST Podcasts

Launched about three years ago, The Straits Times’ and The Business Times’ podcast network hit one million downloads in the last year, and now has about 30,000 unique listeners from more than 200 countries. Expect even more new interesting podcast series in the coming months.


Meet the ST/BT podcast audience:
- Younger, more affluent and tech savvy
- 48% of listeners are 15 to 34 years old
- 73% are tertiary educated
- Have a median personal income of $4,646
- 58% are PMBs
- 1.4 times more likely to live in private property
- More willing to splurge on quality/luxury goods
- Always on the lookout for the latest information
- Streaming content comes naturally to them

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