Qatar Airways Origami

Qatar Airways took newspaper advertising to a whole new level

Singapore FIRST-EVER 3-D aircraft origami in The Sunday Times


  • To promote Qatar Airways in a unique, meaningful and innovative way
  • To go beyond traditional newspaper formats to engage the new generation of readers


The airline took newspaper creativity to new heights with Singapore FIRST-EVER 3-D aircraft origami in The Sunday Times - bringing the interactive fun of paper-folding to readers. Titled The Qatar Airways Great Origami Adventure, the centerspread advertisement, which used a thicker woodfree paper, was created as a piece of water colour artwork incorporating the cut-out lines of a 3-dimensional Qatar Airways A350 plane.

Readers were invited to fold the 3-D origami plane, place it against any item that represents the destination they wish to travel to, snap a photo and email in for a chance to win free air tickets to their destination of choice. The creative part of the contest was getting the readers to snap a photo of the place against the destination of their choice. If they shot it against a croissant or baguette, it represents Paris, if it’s a snow peak ice-kacangdessert, it represents Mount Fiji or Japan.


The response was overwhelming, with more than 1100 entries, creatively conceptualized by readers to communicate the destinations of their choice.

Readers were engaged in a fun and interactive manner through the newspaper as they thought of ideas to present the destination. The advertisement idea
was picked up by Campaign Brief Asia and Mumbrella. More importantly, the campaign delivered the Qatar Airways brand, through the 3-D origami aircraft, into the living room of our readers, thus greatly extending the retention value of the Qatar Airway advertisement and enhanced top-of-mind recall for the brand.

The end result:

For Qatar Airways - this innovative newspaper platform added mileage to its dedication to engage readers in unique, meaningful and rewarding ways.

For SPH Newspapers, it delivered potentially 300,000 Qatar Airways A350 aircrafts into Singapore households! Also, it represents another exciting breakthrough in the way we help make brands larger than life.