Reach out to tens of thousands with Live@The Newsroom!

Connect with nearly 40,000 Chinese viewers when you advertise with Live@The Newsroom! 

Hosted by digital content producers from Lianhe Zaobao, Live@The Newsroom is a daily video Live broadcast featuring journalists from SPH’s evening dailies, Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao. They are invited on screen to share interesting news articles carried in their respective newspapers, allowing for real time interaction with online viewers through the comments section. 

The hosts and journalists will also participate in lively discussion to engage with the audience, including respond to real time comments or questions from the viewers for a more interactive session. 

Go behind the scenes and watch highlights from the symbolic 500th episode of Live@The Newsroom below!

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Contact Chuah Geok Thoo (, 6319 1516) for any enquiries.

Sponsorship of Live@Newsroom 

  • Brand exposure via tagging or paid partnership on Facebook Live post, status, as well as comment
  • Regular product mentions during broadcast
  • Brand amplification and engagement via prize giveaways

Branded placement in ‘3 mins’ break’ 给我三分钟 within Live!@The newsroom《新闻抢先看》

3 mins’ break is an intermission of the live programme to wait for the arrival of the second invited journalist.

Within this 3 minutes, the host will recommend something useful with the viewers, such as ‘recent favourite movie’, ‘recent experiences’, ‘good products’, or ‘places to go’ etc.

The host can also conduct product giveaways to further engage viewers.