Reimagine SPH

SPH Integrated Marketing Division’s (IMD) Reimagine SPH trade event held at PARKROYAL on Pickering on 10 Nov hosted by Chief Marketing Officer Elsie Chua, saw the launch of SPH’s two newest radio stations, 96.3好FM and MONEY FM 89.3.

The 400-strong crowd of clients and agency partners were the first to meet the presenters of both radio stations.

Launching on 8 Jan, 96.3好FM is SPH’s first Chinese talk radio station aimed at Singaporeans approaching their prime with a unique blend of music from the 80s including xinyao favourites. Some of Singapore’s best-loved radio personalities will host longer and more interactive talk segments relevant to this age group, such as health, finance, travel and food.

Meanwhile, you can tune in to MONEY FM 89.3 from 29 Jan next year - Singapore’s FIRST and ONLY radio station dedicated to business, investing and personal finance. With content from The Business Times and other expert guests, plus lifestyle and entertainment content aimed at professionals, MONEY FM is tailor-made to keep savvy listeners current on all the relevant news and trends they need to succeed in today’s fast paced corporate world.

Ignatius Low, Head of Media Solutions, SPH IMD anchored the print segment, where he highlighted key findings from a recent Nielsen media survey on which media vehicles play the most influential role in a customer’s purchase decision.

He said: “It turns out that The Straits Times plays the most influential role across 13 out of 20 product categories.”

“I love this, The Straits Times is the most influential media in a customer’s purchase decision on TV services – not TV. On Internet services - not the Internet!”

Tan Su-Lin, Head of Sales Strategy & Operations, SPH IMD, took on the digital portion, where she touched on the Singapore Media Exchange, which takes our programmatic play to the next level.

She said, “SMX will provide you with brand-safe inventory in a premium publisher context layered with the combined data sets of both Mediacorp and SPH. We can deliver targeted advertising at scale.”

“This also frees up the time of our account managers to focus on being better consultants to you, for your cross-media advertising campaigns.”

SPHMBO Product Development Director, Julie Wee, meanwhile, showcased interesting videos of successful campaigns by SilkAir and SK-II on our outdoor media.

A fireside chat with Elsie and SPH Deputy CEO Anthony Tan rounded up the event, where they discussed the future of SPH in this competitive video landscape.

After the presentation, guests mingled and chatted with the speakers and other SPH representatives as they drank bespoke cocktails from the Print, Digital, Radio, and Outdoor bars.

Watch the full video above to get the complete Reimagine SPH experience. 


  • Elsie Chua, Chief Marketing Officer, SPH IMD
  • Anthony Tan, Deputy CEO, SPH


  • Ignatius Low, Head, Media Solutions, SPH IMD
  • Sumiko Tan, Executive Editor, The Straits Times
  • Eugene Wee, Editor, The New Paper
  • Wong Wei Kong, Editor, The Business Times
  • Goh Sin Teck, Editor, Lianhe Zaobao


  • Julie Wee, Product Development Director, SPHMBO


  • Tan Su-Lin, Head, Sales Strategy & Operations, SPH IMD
  • Christopher Lim, Digital Editor, The Business Times
  • Ang Yiting, Deputy Digital Editor, Chinese Media Group
  • Murali Subramaniam, Deputy Managing Editor, EMTM
  • Sujin Thomas, Editor, Business Insider (Singapore & Malaysia)
  • Chew V Ming, Deputy Head, EMTM Digital Strategy


  • Sim Hong Huat, General Manager, SPH Radio
  • The key priorities for The Straits Times’ newsroom in 2018 are raising quality, building communities, and forging partnerships.
  • The Digital feature, which is currently seen in the Home section every Wednesday, will move to the Life section and be renamed as Tech in the first week of January 2018.
  • The Business Times Weekend magazine will be distributed with the main paper on Fridays starting on the first week of January 2018.
  • Lianhe Zaobao is celebrating its 95th anniversary next year, and will be hosting a series of activities, including a major mass event for readers in the second quarter of 2018, a gala dinner and a 95th anniversary supplement.
  • A recent readership survey commissioned by The New Paper showed that it now reaches almost 600,000 readers, or 20% higher than the combined readership of The New Paper and My Paper before the merger. Nine out of 10 of these readers prefer reading the print product.
  • Some creative executions that can be explored in The New Paper include the creative text wrap, masthead takeover, and campaign partnerships.
  •, the one-stop portal for all SME-related content, will launch a new section called X next month. This will allow sponsors to showcase their products and services for a fee.
  • A new section on The Business Times online edition, BT Wealth, will include stories from its bimonthly Wealth magazine. This offers a great platform to target these investors with sponsorship, ads and branded content.
  • has gone big on video, with programmes such as “Live!@Newsroom” , animation, and series of lifestyle videos.
  • SPH now operates the Singapore and Malaysia editions of the international publication Business Insider. It covers a range of other topics which appeal to the needs of the young and savvy  working millennial, so think tech gadgets, pop culture, luxury travel and even extremely useful career hacks such as perfecting your resume or how to ace your next job interview. It is essentially an aspirational website for this specific group of readers who want to be richer, smarter and more successful at work and play.
  • On SPH's latest digital offering Stirr, Mr Chew V Ming, deputy head of digital strategy at SPH's English, Malay and Tamil Media group, said the team differentiates itself from other similar products through its team comprising full-fledged journalists. This is an advantage because "journalists are simply more aware of the big picture concerns that maybe some of the younger influencers out there may not be aware of", he said.