Royal Carribean Wows with Mid-Autumn Theme Cruise

Royal Carribean International (RCI) is currently the leading cruise operator in Singapore. In order to engage customers in an impactful manner and establish themselves as a brand that is exciting and constantly evolving, they came up with a Mid-Autumn Theme cruise concept to celebrate the festival.

What they hoped to achieve

RCI wanted to drive sign-ups for their special themed cruise and also make their innovation efforts widespread. They partnered with SPH to help publicise their campaign and also tapped on our creative expertise and integrated media channels to reach out to their targeted audience.

Formulating the strategy

RCI and SPH came up with a treasure hunt activity that would be led by deejays from our radio stations. This would serve as a lead up to the actual Mid-Autumn Theme cruise and get customers hyped up. It would be accompanied with advertisements splashed across all of our different media platforms to increase awareness.

Media execution 

In the lead up to the treasure hunt,  a combination of print, digital and radio platforms were used to amplify the content and reach out to readers of ZB, WB and SM, as well as listeners from UFM. Tactical ads ran across, half-page print ads on Lianhe Zaobao, Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao newspapers, as well as open talk and commercial buy on UFM.

During the launch of the Royal Treasure Hunt, it was led by Kiss 92 FM's Maddy Jason, followed by UFM's deejays Ye Limei and Li Xin Ying helping listeners find the golden anchors. The entire activity was broadcast live on the Facebook page.


Within one and a half months of launch, the campaign exceeded its target and garnered 500 pax to go on board the theme cruise.

Said Ms Nicole Lai, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific at Royal Carribean International, "SPH media solutions and creative services team worked with us every step of the way. Both teams were strategic, resourceful, creative and committed to making our first ever treasure hunt games a success. It was pure team spirit and a great partnership for Royal Carribean and SPH."