Find out who are the winners of Food Masters 2018!
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Prize Presenter: Dr Leslie Tay
(Doctor, Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker)
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Hear what our judges have to say…

“The common greetings we have in Singapore show just how important food is to us: “Eat already?”, “Sudah makan ke belum?” or “Jiak ba buay?”, just to name a few! It’s my pleasure to recommend only the best, so no one has to waste any calories indulging in their favourite foods.”

Charmaine Phua,

Music Director / Producer / Presenter on ONE FM 91.3, SPH Radio

“Singapore has a good mix of food from all cultures. From execution, appearance and taste to value for money, service and more, I am excited to check out the stalls and restaurants that stand out among all.”


Food Blogger

“Food brings people together and can bring us to places. As a food correspondent, I bring food and the people behind them, to our readers. Through the Singapore Food Masters, I look forward to discovering more about food and stories.”

Ng Yimin,

Food Correspondent, Chinese Media Group NewsHub, Singapore Press Holdings

“I’m thrilled to be selected as one of the judges for Singapore Food Masters 2018. Singapore is a food paradise and we are often spoilt for choice with the wide range of cuisines and tantalising food from hawker centres to restaurants. Your Gourmet Journey begins here!”

William Tan,

Content Creator (Lifestyle and Food),, @william82sg

“I’m a purveyor of fine taste and a seeker for pleasure. Also, I love to be amazed with the symphony of tasty food around. Read: I live to eat.”

Maya Hazel Qin,

Content Creator for @qinlovesmacaronsss for Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

“Singapore’s gastronomic scene is so vibrant which also makes it a good way for bonding. I am excited to discover more good hunts that serve quality and value-for-money dishes.”

Maureen Ow,

Founder, Miss Tam Chiak

“Any time there is a chance to celebrate good food and food culture, we must make good of it! I can’t wait to discover new places to eat.”

Yeoh Wee Teck,

Columnist, The New Paper, Singapore Press Holdings

“Searching for the most ho chiak places in Singapore is every Singaporean’s pastime. Mai Tu Liao, let’s go!”

The Ranting Panda,