Singapore Food Masters 2020 has returned on its annual quest to honour the top three favourite food heroes from the North, Central, East and West of Singapore!

From simmering soup broth to aromatic rice infused with traditional spices, a total of 100 eateries were up against each other in hopes of garnering the most number of public votes.

With that, our panel of judges had made unannounced visits to the top 10 most-voted-for eateries of each zone, to decide on the top three winners.

Who will win over the taste buds of our judges and clinch the coveted zonal title?

Catch us live at STClassifieds.SG Facebook or visit sgfoodmasters.sg on 28 November for the exciting grand reveal!

Ah Hua Dish

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle transforms a simple bowl of noodles into great comfort soul food. All its ingredients, including fish dumplings, fish cake and fish balls, as well as the chilli paste are handmade from scratch. The unique taste and exquisite quality of this labour of love have resulted in a huge customer base.


Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle

415 Pandan Gardens #01-117 S600415


The unique coffee shop-bar concept serves Western, Japanese and traditional Chinese food. Check out one of the specialties – Crispy Fried Chicken available in four unique flavours, namely Lime & Sea-salt (the most popular); spicy Sze Chuan cuisine-inspired; Salt & Pepper (mixed with seven herbs and spices); and Cheesy (aged parmesan and cheddar cheese). What’s not to love?


Ah Boon Drinks Stall & Eating House

8 Boon Lay Way #01-31, S609964

ml ban heng food master sept 2018

Ban Heng Group of Restaurants celebrates its 54th anniversary of bringing traditional Teochew and Cantonese Cuisine to foodies. Its ala carte seafood buffet has been on popular food blogs and newspapers. The Chinese Seafood Ala Carte Buffet Lunch and Dinner prices start from $30.80++ per pax. Tantalise your palates with dishes such as Shark’s Fin Soup, Crispy Cereal Prawns and Teochew Goose Meat. For dessert, choose from dishes such as Italian Gelato, French Cheese Cake and Ban Heng Homemade Bubble Tea. There is currently a promotion where one adult diner dines free if accompanied by 3 paying adults. Of the many buffet items available, the chilli crab definitely should not be missed! Ban Heng also adds spices to its pepper crabs for a richer and more tantalising taste. Diners who love spicy dishes will be impressed!


Ban Heng Group of Restaurants

1 Maritime Square, Harbourfront Centre #04-01 S099253

Banting Image

Whether it’s the classic dry KL-style Ban Mian or the unique Hot & Spicy Handmade Noodle, you’ll enjoy the delicious goodness of fresh, handmade ingredients – including the noodles, chilli, ikan bilis, soup and fried shallots. Added to that, the spicy, flavourful home-made belachan chilli will elevate your bowl of noodles!


Banting Traditional Cuisine

SkyVille @ Dawson Blk 85 Dawson Road 7 Stars Food Court #01-02 S141085


Bara serves one of the most authentic Indonesian cuisines in the CBD area, featuring its specialty Nasi Bakar (grilled rice). The rich, aromatic rice is infused with traditional spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to perfection. This is then served with mouth-watering dishes such as Balinese grilled chicken or the unique ‘Sate Lilit’, distinctively Indonesian chicken and prawn skewers.


Bara Food

16 Enggor Street #01-10 S079717 Icon Village (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A)

Butter Chicken - Brindas

It’s hard to resist Brinda’s Butter Chicken, prepared in the chef’s unique style, with freshly made spices and home-made yogurt, which is marinated with secret recipes, and of course with dollops of passion. That’s the secret to one of Brinda’s most popular dishes. The restaurant’s other lip smacking, delicious dishes continue to draw loyal customers.



162 Bukit Merah Central #01-3533 S150162


The Legendary Changi Chilli recipe for Changi Nasi Lemak has a history spanning over five decades. It bears fruit of its culinary ingenuity and unrivalled ability to blend flavours in the creation of its unique chilli for the complete Nasi Lemak experience. The featured dish is current crowd favourite Mala Braised Pork (Melts in the Mouth) Set Menu.


Changi Nasi Lemak

323 Bukit Batok St 33, Singapore 650323


The quintessential Singapore fried chicken, the taste we all grew up with, the one we have come to love… ChopS! Ha Cheong Chicken! It’s crispy, succulent and fragrant, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in your fried chicken and more! Pair it with the homemade garlic belachan chilli for that extra kick!


Chops! Grill & Sides

33 Lorong Liput S277744 (at 33 HV Food Court)


Daily Green’s Vegetarian Nasi Lemak is a delicious culinary option for a healthier lifestyle. Topped up with luncheon meat, fried fish, crunchy peanuts, stir-fried vegetables and homemade sambal, each plate is a mouthwatering treat indeed. Apart from vegetarian food, Daily Green offers a plant-based menu for vegans in quest of their favourite soul food.


Daily Green

Blk 431 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-296 S120431

Lala Beehoon

Lala Beehoon is one of the star dishes that keeps loyal customers coming back for more. The magic of the seemingly simple dish is in the balanced blend of flavours and comforting textures. Juicy, whole lalas (clams) are nestled in white beehoon, simmered in a fragrant and beautiful chef’s stock.


Diamond Kitchen

Oasis #01-01, 87 Science Park Drive, S118260

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One of EagleWings Loft’s most well-received signature dishes, the Lobster Risotto is defined by its creamy yet subtly rich succulence. The fragrant al dente rice is generously complemented by characteristically diverse assortment of lobster, scallop, prawn and tobiko. This reasonably priced culinary luxury is a customer favourite. www.eaglewingsloft.com.sg


EagleWings Loft

9 King Albert Park #01-14/33/34/56/57 KAP Residences Mall S598332

Food Photo 1

Light and fluffy, chock full of peanut filling and totally addictive, it’s no wonder Han & Han’s signature peanut pancakes are selling like hotcakes. Each bite delivers the perfect mix of smoothness and crunchiness. Traditional or crispy, rest assured that only peanuts of the highest quality are used in the recipe.


Han & Han Peanut Pancake

252 Jurong East St 24 #01-113 S600252

Hom Aroy Image

Dine here if you crave authentic Thai food. One of the best-loved signature dishes is the Salmon Sashimi Salad, an invigorating dish that offers refreshing zest and a savoury punch of spice. Make sure you complete the dining experience with Basil Pork, Steam Squid with Lemon and Tom Yum Clear Soup.


Hom Aroy Thai Food

587 Bukit Timah Road Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01 S269707


Kim Eng offers a unique version of one of Singapore’s national dishes. The chicken is firm yet smooth, tender, succulent and springy while the non-oily but very flavourful rice has a subtle hint of ginger fragrance. To top it, the dish is accompanied by special chili sauce.


Kim Eng Chicken Rice

1 West Coast Drive #01-72 NEWest S128020

King of Prawn Noodles Image (Reuploaded)

Fit for a king, the signature ‘King 虾面王’ is a flavourful, traditional bowl of prawn noodles with large prawns, lean meat slices, hard-boiled egg, asari clams, fish cakes and bean sprouts. Topped with fragrant fried shallots and crispy pork lard, the secret of its heavenly taste lies in its rich and savoury broth, brewed with a variety of high quality ingredients.


King of Prawn Noodles Kitchen

17 Petir Rd Hillion Mall #B2-03/04/05 S678278

Kota Bak Kut Teh - Styled Herbal Claypot 2

Savour the taste of the famous bak kut teh from Johor Bahru. Based on a 39-year-old recipe, pork ribs, bellies, legs and tails are boiled together with 18 Chinese herbs and dark soy sauce for about 1.5 to 2 hours to achieve a robust, complex broth that yields an unforgettable taste.


Kota Zheng Zong Bak Kut Teh

15A Lorong Liput S277730


Le Xiao Chu @MacPherson and Jurong specialise in mouthwatering, authentic Chinese cuisine. A must try is their highly popular claypot seafood porridge which originated from Shenzhen. The seafood porridge is cooked to order, using fresh seafood from Jurong Fishery Port, pearl rice grains, and unique broth and seasoning. Promotion: 20% off any porridge


乐小厨 Le Xiao Chu

18 Boon Lay Way #01-98 Tradehub 21 S(609966)

PappaSingD2-0131 copy (1)

PappaRich’s Nasi Lemak is just one of those must-have dishes on the menu. Customers have shared that their all-time favourite accompaniment is the restaurant’s secret recipe fried chicken – juicy savoury meat and crispy skin. To them, PappaRich means authentic comfort food and there is really something for every taste!



3 Gateway Drive #03-06 Westgate S608532

SW platter

Foodies mustn’t miss the Siam Wok Seafood Platter. Perfect for two to three diners, you can enjoy Thai favourites in one sharing platter – stir-fried vegetables, sambal sotong & prawns, Thai fried pineapple rice, mango fish fillet, mango salad and Thai chicken wings. And non-chilli eaters can opt for the non-spicy version. The wide selection of dishes served here will leave you spoilt for choice.


Siam Wok

101 Yung Sheng Rd, S618497

yl TGK - Salmon Mentai Don

Marrying the flavours of buttery salmon with umami-packed mentaiko, Salmon Mentai Don is the go-to comfort food at The Garden Kitchen. Fresh succulent salmon slices are pan-seared to perfection and topped with a thick dollop of mentaiko, to treat your taste buds to bites of sheer bliss. The dish is simple yet heavenly.


The Garden Kitchen

10 Raeburn Park #01-28 S088702

Thunderbolt Tea Image

Based on a century-old family recipe, the eatery’s well-loved Thunder Tea offers a wholesome, nutrient-packed blend of leeks, white cabbage, long beans, sayur manis (sweet leaf), firm tofu, chye poh (pickled radish) and dried shrimps, accompanied by its special savoury grinded tea soup paste. There are also nuts on the side for the extra crunch.


Thunderbolt Tea

Boon Lay Place Food Centre 221B Boon Lay Place #01-96 S642221

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-11 at 11.45.43 (1)

The eatery’s popular Passion Fruit Prawns is a dish to rave about. Fresh Prawns are coated with flour and deep-fried until crispy. The specially made sauce is prepared with a little curry powder, butter, yogurt and chilli sauce, and drizzled over the prawns. Finally, passion fruit pulp is added to make it an appetising sweet and sour delicacy.


Tian Xiang Food Court (Lengkok Bahru)

Blk 55 Lengkok Bahru #01-409 S151055

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-11 at 11.45.43

Tian Xiang’s signature Claypot White Pepper Stewed Fish Head is a traditional home-cooked dish that comforts your soul. It is meticulously prepared using fresh fish head, brinjal, yam, roasted pork and sauteed garlic that are simmered in a claypot till cooked. The irresistibly mouthwatering aroma will whet your appetite when you open the lid of the claypot.


Tian Xiang Food Court (Mei Ling St)

Blk 158 Mei Ling St #01-74 S140158


This spaciously designed pet cafe offers yummy meals and a great ambience for you and your furry companions. Check out the signature Double Pattied-grilled Chicken Burger, loaded with Roma tomatoes, romaine, caramelised onions, smokey barbecue sauce on soft brioche buns. Other crowd favourites include the Cheese Burger, Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash.



200 Turf Club Rd, #01-29 S287994

yl YUN NANS Steamed Pot Chicken

Yun Nans’ signature dish is the Steam Pot Chicken Soup. Here, only a special breed of black feet chicken is used. The dish is prepared in a handmade Jianshui clay pot and the soup is brewed in the absence of water. Instead, the chicken is pressure-steamed for three hours so that the soup is clear yet robust, resulting in a delicately nourishing dish without a hint of greasiness.


Yun Nans

Westgate Outlet: 3 Gateway Drive #03-07 Singapore 608532