Shedding light on a silent disease

The Straits Times Mind & Body and HL MARIGOLD jointly held a health seminar titled “Your Bone Health Matters” on October 2, which was attended by 205 readers.

The three speakers at the event were specialists in their respective fields of osteoporosis and bone health. Dr Manju Chandran, Senior Consultant and Director at Singapore General Hospital Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolism Clinic, helped shed light on preventive measures, warning signs and treatments for early diagnosis.

Practising orthopaedic surgeon Dr Paul Thng spoke about the importance of early diagnosis for osteoporosis and showed interesting case studies of painful surgical corrective measures for patients with severe cases of osteoporosis.

Ms Gladys Wong shared practical advice on diet and nutrition as vital investments for healthy bones. All three speakers provided insights into the silent disease in an adept, simple and yet comprehensive manner.

Readers were treated to goodie bags with more than $20 worth of The Straits Times and HL Marigold merchandise, as well as a pair of 1-litre cartons of HL milk each.

HL Marigold also provided readers with bone density testing equipment to test if they were at risk of osteoporosis.

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