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Celebrating 50 years of publication since 18 March 1967, Shin Min Daily News has captivated readers with its engaging human-interest stories about the community, including crime, family issues, health, entertainment and sports with emphasis on the four major football leagues. This light-hearted evening newspaper has engaged heartlanders with a wide range of content ,both in a good mix of hard and soft news for the past 50 year, providing readers with latest information on local and major international issues, In particular, “Master Hsing Yun – Word of Wisdom” and “Live Well” are well-liked by our readers over the years.

To keep up with the times in this digital age, Shin Min started its own Facebook (FB) page in 2012 and has since garnered over 114,000 Likes. Besides sharing print content and breaking news, the team also posts exclusive content on FB in the form of daily columns on a wide range of topics such as health, recipes, living tips and inspiration quotes etc.

Since 2016, Shin Min has been producing digital stories daily with the support of Chinese Media Group (CMG)’s Digital arm, adding a new dimension to its print content. These digital stories are available on Shin Min’s Facebook page as well as CMG’s integrated online platform Audiences can access Shin Min’s e-paper via its official website, and can also engage with Shin Min on their preferred digital devices through the paper’s Weibo, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.



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Source: Nielsen Singapore Media Index 2017