Singapore Food Masters 2021 dishes up heaps of opportunities for sponsors and participants

June 2021

Singapore Food Masters (SGFM) returns from September to November 2021 to recognise and honour our local food heroes. 

Be a part of this annual islandwide hunt for the best dishes and eateries that delighted Singaporeans’ taste buds this year! As either a Sponsor or a Participant, you can bask in the spotlight that SGFM shines on the foods and foodies that made Singaporeans proud.  

The event provides an effective opportunity for brands to gain more exposure and to engage with our readers through a variety of activities including product placements and video shout outs during the livestream of the awards day. Last year, over 100,000 votes were cast, up 8% in voter engagement from the previous year, demonstrating the strength and pull of SGFM year-on-year.

The top three food heroes from each zone will be announced during the live roving award presentation in November via STClassifieds.SG Facebook page and

With all eyes on the participating stalls and restaurants, SGFM 2021 is the stage you want to be on for maximum brand visibility amongst foodies. 

Join SGFM as a participant or as a sponsor with our packages which offer an estimated media value of up to $618,880. Event packages start from $1,850.


Stand a chance to win and be hailed as one of Singapore’s Food Masters as you compete against other outstanding local dishes and chefs. Not only will your eatery get a chance to be recognised as one of Singapore’s best places to eat, it will also stand to tempt more customers who are eager to try the most delectable and mouth watering gourmet choices in each zone.

Kicking off the campaign are 4 weeks of public voting to find each zone’s top ten favourites. The top three from each zone will then be decided through a mystery judging by a panel of food critics and personalities who will judge dishes and eateries based on taste, presentation, services, value-for-money, and cleanliness, ensuring that only the cream of the crop in each zone are recognised. 

This year, the competition is also open to food centres that can send their five best stalls to compete individually while representing them at SGFM 2021, establishing themselves as the go-to place in the zone for amazing food!  

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the nation’s finest culinary destinations, speak to us today about being a participating outlet.


All participating stalls will be given one welcome kit which consists of a wobbler, an A3 marketing poster, an A5 standee, a decal, and a certificate of participation.

Participants Panel Ads Package

At $1,850, this package offers:

  • Panel ads for participants on The Straits Times (ST), Lianhe Zaobao (ZB), The New Paper (TNP), U-Weekly and tabla!. 
  • Screen placements across 81 Fairprice stores. Each vendor will be given a 5 sec x 6 spots/hr slot over a one week period.

Corporate Group of Panel Ads Package

At $10,500, this package is solely for food centers that wish to send a representative group of five stalls to participate in SGFM. For each of the 5 participating stalls, they will be given:

  • 1 panel each in ST, ZB, TNP, U-Weekly and tabla!.
  • 81 screen placements across 81 Fairprice stores. Each vendor will be given a 5 sec x 6 spots/hr slot over a one week period. 

Corporate brand recognition:

A full page U-Weekly feature and a half page feature with their corporate branding logo in ST, ZB, TNP, and tabla! supplement.


Secure a spot amongst the renowned brands in this yearly gastronomical event, and be seen and heard by thousands of foodies across the island through a host of omnichannel ads, special supplement, and even product placements.  


Panel Sponsor

At $3,300, panel sponsors will receive:

  • 2 panel features each in ST, ZB, TNP, U-Weekly and tabla!.

Co Sponsor 

At $7,000, co sponsors will receive:

  • 2 video product placement during the roving prize presentation
  • Strip ad panels in ST, ZB, TNP, U-Weekly and tabla!.

Main Sponsor

At $38,000, main sponsors will receive:

  • Acknowledgement on all marketing collaterals as ‘MAIN SPONSOR’ and will be represented with their company logo and/or brand name. 
  • 2 video product placement during the roving prize presentation
  • Larger ad panels in ST, ZB, TNP, U-Weekly and tabla!.


Participants and sponsors who seek even greater brand exposure and engagement can purchase add-ons such as video publicity and radio live-reads. These include:

  • Video publicity: A 15-second video that will be shared through social media platforms. 
  • Radio live-reads are available from $1,000 for 5 live reads per station on ONE FM 91.3 or UFM100.3 which will enable you to reach up to 545,000 listeners.

If you are keen to take part in SGFM 2021 as either a participant or sponsor, get in touch with us at today!


Campaign period

September to November 2021

Available packages

Packages start from $1,850 with an estimated media value of up to $618,880.


  1. Participants Panel Ads Package
  2. Corporate Panel Ads Package


  1. Panel sponsor
  2. Co-sponsor
  3. Main sponsor

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