Mobile App Specifications

The drastically changing behaviour and habits of humans caused by their increasing reliance and engagement with their mobile tablets have played a huge role in motivating SPH Digital Division to reinvent the Internet on mobile devices, and in the process, establishing various forms of interactive advertising.

In order to help organisations deliver branding, messages and content to target audiences, we have built our apps and mobile-responsive websites on such devices to offer visually rich advertising and media experiences through mobile applications or in-application advertising (colloquially known as app-vertising).


SPH App Requirements
iPhone/Android In-page Splash IMU
Straits Times Yes Yes Yes
Business Times Yes Yes Yes
AsiaOne Yes Yes Yes
Stomp Yes Yes Yes
ZaoBao SG Yes Yes Yes
ZaoBao CN Yes Yes No
Berita Harian Yes Yes No


*According to the Digital, Social & Mobile in APAC in 2015 report by We Are Social and IAB Singapore, individual country data suggests that almost half of the APAC population uses a mobile phone and the current growth trends indicate that mobile phone penetration in the region will likely cross 50% within the third quarter of 2015.

Ad Unit File Type Dimensions (WxH) Maximum File Size Guidelines
Leaderboard GIF, JPG, PNG 320x 50 50KB
  • Optional for high definition displays: 640 x 100 image.
*Requires Backup Image JPG*
320x 50 100KB
IMU GIF, JPG, PNG 300 x 250 50KB
*Requires Backup Image JPG*
Transitional Ad GIF, JPG, PNG 320 x 430 50KB
  • Optional for full screen 640 x 1140, 100kb (except for BH)
  • Animation must be < 6 secs.
  • Banner will close after 6 secs.
  • Still images (GIF, JPG, or PNG) will fit the width of smartphone screen (with a black bar above and below the ad).
  • Close button size 60 x 60 (ST, A1, ZB, BT, Stomp)
*Requires Backup Image JPG*
320 x 430 100KB
News Rotator

*applicable for ZBapp ONLY*

JPG 350 x 250 50KB
  • No text required.
  • All important information should be inside the safe area.
  • Safe Area Guideline

View Example - Splash

To keep the aspect ratio, there will be a black bar above and below the splash ad.Illustrations below are based on the Splash ad added as a still image (JPG, GIF or PNG).


ST, A1, ZB, BT & Stomp

View Example - In-page


  1. Maximum of 3 creatives allowed per campaign.
  2. If you submit either (HTML5) or (GIF,JPG,PNG) refer to the table above for requirements. No need to submit all types. Just select either of the two.
  3. Kindly refer here for HTML 5 guidelines.
  4. Third-party ad-serve is NOT allowed.
  5. Third-party impression tracking is NOT allowed.
  6. Third-party click tracking is allowed.
  7. Landing URL must support smartphoneview.
  8. Submission deadline:
    1. GIF, JPG, or PNG: 3 working days before campaign live date.
    2. HTML5: 5 working days before campaign live date.

Sample Full screen (width) Splash Ad HTML Script

<meta name=”viewport” content=”user-scalable=no, width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1,minimum-scale=1″/>
<body style=”margin:0;”>
<div style=”width: 100%; height:100%; background-color:#000; “>
<a href=”link.html”><img src=”Fullpage.jpg” width=”100%”/></a>

Safe Area (ZB Newsrotator Mobile App)