Smooth sailing to a holiday with Princess Cruises

Set sail with Princess Cruises in style and luxury for your next holiday. The company has set up an office at Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 2, and welcomes consumers to walk in and enquire about cruise packages. 

To create top-of-mind awareness among some of the most affluent professionals, expatriate residents and visitors, Princess Cruises has partnered with SPHMBO to promote its luxurious cruises at Marina Bay Link Mall. The strategic location at Marina Bay Link Mall is an integral part of Marina Bay Financial Centre with three office towers and two residential towers with high traffic flow of working professionals. Hence, the location makes it a key driver for this campaign.

The creative executions are delivered on the most attention grabbing Out-Of-Home static billboards and lightboxes at prominent areas throughout Marina Bay Link Mall exclusively marketed by SPHMBO. Prime locations include the Lightboxes and Wall Stickers facing the Downtown line train station, escalators with high human traffic flow into Marina Bay Link Mall from MBFC Tower 2 and One Raffles Quay linkway. To further amplify the reach to PMEBs at Raffles green, video advertisement is being played on the outdoor LED screen at Chevron House.

A Princess Cruise spokesperson said: “We have a strategic approach in our outdoor media buy for this advertising campaign. In this instance, we had a specific target audience, which are the tenants working at MBFC. We wanted to communicate that we are a premium cruise line and we offer a luxury cruise experience for our guests. The company being located in their work area gives them the convenience of walking into the office to book a cruise.”

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