SPH clinches six awards at SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards 2021

Clockwise from top left: Financial journalist of the year, Ben Paul; Investor Education Journalist of the Year. Rachel Kelly; Media Excellence in Community Investor Education Award, ST Invest; Financial Story of the Year, Chew Boon Leong
12 October 2021

Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) took home six awards, including the Financial Journalist of the Year Award, Financial Story of the Year Award, and Investor Education Journalist of the Year Award at the SIAS Investors' Choice Awards 2021, organised by the Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS).

The six awards which SPH won are:

  1. Financial Journalist of the Year Award: Mr Ben Paul, Senior Correspondent, The Business Times 
  2. Financial Story of the Year Award: Mr Chew Boon Leong, Senior Business Correspondent, Chinese Media Group Newshub 
  3. Investor Education Journalist of the Year Award: Ms Rachel Adrienne Kelly, Senior Producer-Presenter, MONEY FM 89.3 
  4. Media Excellence in Community Investor Education Award: ST Invest, The Straits Times
  5. Singapore Corporate Governance Award (SCGA) 2021, Diversity Category, Runner-up: Singapore Press Holdings
  6. Most Transparent Company Award (MTCA) 2021, Communication Category, Runner-up: Singapore Press Holdings

The annual Investors’ Choice Awards (ICA) recognises excellence in companies with good corporate governance, sustainability, transparency, and communication practices. It also serves to acknowledge the various stakeholders such as financial journalists and brokers who help to drive good governance.

Mr Paul, with two decades’ experience in the media industry, has amassed a substantial following, and his commentaries for the Hock Lock Siew column have also attracted comments from readers and stimulated discussion in the local ecosystem. He is close to the issues of the day and takes on complicated issues, hot topics and complex corporate developments, distilling them into useful information, particularly for retail investors. 

On being conferred the Financial Journalist of the Year Award, he said: “This SIAS award and the recognition it represents is very gratifying and encouraging; and motivates all of us to keep doing what we have been doing at the BT.”

Reflecting on Mr Paul's win, Ms Chen Huifen, News Editor of The Business Times, said: "Ben's works speak for themselves. They highlight issues, stimulate debate, explore overlooked perspectives, all with the aim of helping readers make better sense of the world of business. His 'Mark to Market' column as well as podcast have drawn a significant following. BT is proud of him and hope that his win will inspire more to deliver impactful, trusted content for our readers."

Mr Chew’s scoop, "Loh's cousins: From glamorous entrepreneurs to scandal-hit”, came at a time when the saga was closely watched by investors, and shed light on how the Loh cousins, Terence and Nelson Loh, founders of the Novena Global Healthcare Group, ended up embroiled in a controversy of suspected frauds. The article won him the Financial Story of the Year Award. 

Mr Chew said: "The world has changed a lot since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. No sector is spared from its impact, including the investment community. While many investment opportunities have emerged, they also come with many risks, which are at times not so apparent. The Loh cousins story that I wrote is one such example. I hope to continue to uphold the fundamentals of good, responsible financial news reporting, not only to report investment opportunities and trends to readers, but also highlight the potential pitfalls and risks that come with them in an objective manner.



Commenting on Mr Chew's achievement, Mr Pang Kia Nian, Business Editor of Chinese Media Group NewsHub, said: "Boon Leong has a strong conviction in responsible financial news reporting. He does not just report on positive investment trends but always strives to cover the risk perspective to serve the investment community. His report on the Loh Cousins saga that won the Financial Story of the Year is a fine example of his exemplary professionalism. He is a role model for everyone at Lianhe Zaobao business desk."

Ms Kelly was selected on the merit of her specialty segment, Eco Money, which focuses on providing listeners with a better insight and understanding of green finance products in the market and why they are relevant. She said: "I'm extremely grateful and appreciative of the recognition this award provides in highlighting the role investors play in fighting the climate crisis. I believe that profits and purpose can go hand in hand, however, there is much noise in the market, new products, jargon, and mountains of reports for investors to wade through. It's not easy to weed out the greenwashed from the good. I hope that Eco Money arms investors with information to help them on their sustainable finance journey."

Ms Loretta Lopez, Programme Director of MONEY FM 89.3 said: "Rachel's personal 'green' pursuit for environmental causes and climate change issues has served as a natural drive which has extended to sustainable investment matters. She brings with her an astute sense of judgment and understanding of the subject matter which has provided clarity to the investment community, especially in a year filled with economic challenges. This prestigious recognition from SIAS firmly endorses her insightful work with Eco Money."

With ST Invest winning the Media Excellence in Community Investor Education Award, Mr Warren Fernandez, Editor of The Straits Times and Editor-in-chief of SPH's English, Malay, Tamil Media Group said: “In our last revamp, we decided to give more emphasis to our Invest content on Sundays. We did this as our data showed strong interest from our readers in content that helps them figure out how to make their money work harder and how to avoid pitfalls they might encounter when making financial decisions. We are glad that these efforts have paid off. Readers have responded well to the ST Invest team’s efforts, and this award is a welcome testimony to that.”

Mr Ng Yat Chung, CEO of SPH, said: "We are honoured to be recognised for our efforts in upholding high standards of corporate governance and our commitment to promoting corporate transparency and enhancing shareholder value. A diverse and transparent board brings together a wider range of perspectives and insights for better decision-making. 

"I extend my warmest congratulations to our winners. The awards are a testament to SPH's dedication to bringing our best journalism work to readers."

The award presentation ceremony was a hybrid event held this evening at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre and online. It featured Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, Former President of Singapore & Chief Patron of SIAS as the Guest of Honour.