SPH drawing desirable audience segments to our publications

November 26, 2019

SPH news publications recorded a total of 2.2 million readership, reaching slightly more than 50% of the total Singapore population, according to the 2019 Nielsen Consumer and Media View study (CMV). 

In terms of readers’ profile, the study showed that SPH news publications cater to a growing group of affluent audience, with personal and household income above the national median, as well as in comparison with TV viewers.

Ignatius Low, SPH’s Chief Commercial Officer for media solutions, seconded the affluent audience base, adding that “SPH is the only major local news provider with paying customers, delivering a superior audience that is accustomed to paying a premium for quality, credibility and reliability.”

According to Nielsen, accessing online news is the second most-performed media-related internet activity (59.4%) among the Singapore population. 

The Straits Times 

Our readers are affluent with high personal ($4,335) and household ($7,445) incomes against the national median. In particular, The Straits Times (ST) performs well against 3 key targeted groups – Affluent (monthly personal income above $6,000), Business and Leisure travellers. 

The Business Times 

We continue to attract better quality exclusive readers, who are younger (at a median age of 39 years old) and generally more affluent (with median personal income of $5,807). 

The Business Times (BT) Digital readership has surpassed Print readership, and its digital audience continues to grow in quality, in terms of their affluence and lifestyle. 

The New Paper 

There is a clear distinction among its Print and Digital audience, with Digital readers being much younger (median age of 32 years old) and more affluent (median personal income of $3,910).

Lianhe Zaobao 

Lianhe Zaobao has a strong appeal to the masses, with better targeting towards Parents with kids, who forms 80% of our Zaobao readers. Other significant sub-segments are Value-seekers (73%) and Grocery buyers (58%). Zaobao Digital readership has also been gaining traction over the years – reaching 103,000 (23%) in 2019, as compared to 99,000 (21%) in 2018.


Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily News

Both Wanbao and Shin Min recorded a slight increase in its digital readership. Their digital-exclusive readers are slightly younger and more educated than print-exclusive readers, and they also enjoy higher personal incomes.


Berita Harian

Digital readership base has been growing steadily (+35% from 2018), with increasing presence of Full-time Housewives on the website, and PMEBs across both Print and Digital formats.

Tamil Murasu

Tamil Murasu attracted higher quality, more affluent and professional readers, with increased readership among PMEBs (by 12%) and those whose income is higher than the national median (by 19%) and as compared to 2018.

Audiences are also loyal and engaged, reading almost every issue of our Monday-Saturday and Sunday editions. Almost half of our total readers spend more than 30 mins reading the papers. 



SPH Magazine readers have a higher median personal ($3,536) and household ($7,212) income compared to the national median ($3,122 and $5,846 respectively). They are also largely loyal to the titles, with 9 in 10 adults reading the hardcopy versions. 

Our magazines key audience segments – females, affluent group, mandarin-preferred audience and shoppers – have also enjoyed significant growth year-on-year. 

The integration with Magazine is timely, as we are now able to offer readers and advertisers deeper and broader content across topics of interest, such as topics relating to Females, Luxury, Travels, Health and Wellness. 


Across all publications, we are also getting positive association and engagement with readers, be it leading them to the store, intention to purchase or attending an event. 

“Running an ad campaign across a variety of SPH platforms – print, online, radio and outdoor – also results in deeper and most lasting consumer engagement,” said Ignatius.

About Nielsen Singapore Consumer & Media View Study

The Nielsen Singapore Consumer & Media View Study was conducted between July 2018 to June 2019 and surveyed 4,688 of the Singapore population aged 15 and above on their media consumption.

Results are weighted mainly by age, sex and race to be representative of the Singapore population.

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