SPH Magazines launches audience targeting capabilities for advertisers

August 27, 2019

SPH Magazines, whose portfolio spans 15 market-leading brands across platforms, recently launched its audience targeting capabilities to provide one of the key solutions marketers are looking for today.

A 2019 Digital Trends Report by Econsultancy showed that audience targeting is now a top priority for more than half of marketers surveyed. As one of the most prolific producers of lifestyle content in Singapore and the region, SPH Magazines sought to plug this growing necessity.

Maximum exposure at your fingertips

With this launch, marketers can choose from 8 pre-packaged customer segments or customise their target segment. The 8 segments include:

These are generated through first-party behavioural and reading data from across SPH Magazines’ and SPH’s portfolio of digital editions and Web sites, allowing you to connect to an audience of 7.5 million.

The data is also augmented with audience interests and demographics from leading, third-party data providers to deliver even more precise targeting.

Benefits of audience targeting with SPH Magazines

Media Planning & Optimisation

Constant monitoring and adjustment for best performance

A/B (multivariate) Testing

Client can provide multiple creative variants; which will be launched and optimised to the best-performing versions

Improved Reporting

Richer insights in an improved format