SPH Media HTML5 Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Banners must be submitted 5 working days before the campaign live date.
  2. Creatives must be generated using Google (DoubleClick) as environment.
  3. Please refer to this link for specific ad units file size limits and other requirements.
  4. Add a clicktag function and embed the landing URL/3rd party click trackers inside the HTML (landing URL/3rd party click trackers inclusion in the email is highly suggested for checking purposes).
  5. Recommended tools: Google Web Designer.
  6. Strictly no Flash (SWF) converted to HTML5 allowed (ie. Swiffy).
  7. All assets (CSS/JS/Images) must be inline the HTML code.
  8. No limit in animation. However, do note that longer animation entails higher file size.
  9. Rich Media banners (expandable leaderboard, etc) must be 3rd party ad served

Click Tag/ Exit Function

Implementation of Clicktag/Exit function varies on the tools used in banner creation. It is highly advisable to check with your support on how to properly execute a clicktag/exit function code. Any changes or new features on these platforms are transparent on our end.

SSL Compatibility

HTML5 creatives must be SSL compatible to serve to HTTPS sites.


  1. Our server does not currently support creatives that use inline SVG files. It is highly recommended to use JPG/PNG/GIF for images.
  2. Due to the complexity of HTML5, we cannot always guarantee the compatibility of creatives with our server and sites.

HTML5 with Video

The following video specifications are only applicable for publisher-paid creatives.

View Video Specifications

Format Mp4
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Codec H.264
Bitrate 5.0-7.5 Mbps
Maximum Duration 30 secs
Maximum File Size 8MB

*All ads are subjected to testing and approval by the Publisher.
*The above guidelines may be modified at Publishers discretion any time
*Last updated on March 2017