SPH Radio delivers better ROI

SPH Radio has proven that the overall listenership numbers don’t mean much, no matter what your ranks are, if you cannot deliver results.


Recently, SPH Radio’s Kiss92 and ONE FM 91.3 were challenged to drive sales of tickets to 3 key entertainment events.

We were tasked to promote our respective presale access code which was unique to each radio station and we were up against other non SPH Radio Stations and even other platforms with traditionally higher reach.


For each of the events, SPH Radio worked with the event promoters to strategise the roll out plan.

Our stations used a mix of on-air assets and our own social media channels to deliver the key message, which was the presale access code for priority purchase.



There were ticketing trailers, messages tagged to the relevant songs, sweepers throughout the day and even ad libs by the presenters to constantly remind our fans of this special priority access.


Our social media teams developed unique content involving our presenters to gain awareness and interest in the social media realm.


combined Maroon 5 concert media presale ticket sales
(KissFM and ONE FM 91.3)

Kiss92: 42%
ONE FM 91.3: 17%
Class 95 & 98.7 combined: 40%

Kiss92FM concert media presale ticket sales

ONE FM 91.3: 19%
Combined Mediacorp stations: 17%

1 day
of presale promotion by ONE FM 91.3 netted

of what StarHub sold in 3 days

* All figures as shared by LIVE NATION and TEG Dainty

These separate campaigns have well proved that SPH Radio stations can deliver ROI and will work closely with our partners to drive towards success for their campaigns.