SPH celebrates the power of newsprint creativity

It was an exciting September for Singaporeans as they got reacquainted with newsprint advertising. As the month draws to an end, so does an inaugural showcase, “For the Love of Newspaper Advertisements – 50 Years of Newsprint Creativity”, which marked half a century of inspiring brand communication with readers via newspaper advertising.

Presented by SPH Newspapers, this exhibition was held at the Paragon, Atrium 2 from September 23 to 30. 

In celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, the exhibition unfolded across several galleries, showcasing over 800 innovative works of art including collages of advertisements over the past 50 years. It was categorised by five decades with different themes – Black & White, Spot Colours, The Golden Era of Creative Revolution, Rainbow Colours and Tactical Game Plan, including creative buys, videos and an interactive touchscreen, which provided a multi-sensorial experience for visitors.

Familiar pieces brought back moments of nostalgia and invoked a myriad of emotions. Through this showcase, Singaporeans were reminded of the faithful companionship that newspaper advertising has provided to generations of readers over the past 50 years and how it will continue to shape the lifestyles of the current and future generations.

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