Take charge of your business through a convenient, one-stop digital marketing solution that gets you results!

Powered by News Corp Australia together with Singapore’s largest omnichannel media network, Singapore Press Holdings, SPH News Xtend will enable you to launch outcome-focused digital marketing campaigns through a convenient one-stop solution that is both cost-effective and unrivalled in service.

Subscribe to our packages and get the results you want — from being discovered by your customers when they search, getting your phones ringing, or bringing in online sales. 

Track your results anytime, anywhere on your online customer dashboard.

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Brand Awareness,
Engagement, Website Traffic

Put your business top of mind,
stimulate conversation,
and drive more customers
to your site with a click of a button

Phone calls

Get your phone ringing and
create more leads
with less effort!


Increase your sales

From $2,500 per month

Campaign across:

» Paid Search Engine Marketing and/or
» Programmatic Display and/or
» Facebook Ads and/or
» Call Tracking and
» SPH Product Network

– Campaign strategy recommendations
– Dedicated campaign manager
– Custom built ads by creative team
– Access campaign results in real time
– Regular campaign review and insights reporting

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What is SPH News Xtend & who should use it?

SPH News Xtend is an outcome-based solution that targets helping small- to medium-sized enterprise clients grow or develop their business.

With our team of experts and unrivalled technology, we focus on the things that matter to you — results. Our campaigns are built to ensure we achieve your business goals with a focus on getting you more customers,  more online sales or more engagement with your brand!

Our expert team will constantly review and optimise your marketing campaign to ensure we achieve the best results while reporting it all back to you in real time!

How will my business benefit from SPH News Xtend?

Our focus is on how we can help you grow your business and achieve your goals. After a thorough brief with our team, we will create, set up and manage a marketing strategy to match your needs.

Using SPH News Xtend means you can rest easy knowing your performance marketing is being taken care of by our expert team.

With direct access to Google, Facebook and Microsoft, we provide powerful digital campaigns and first class service that our rivals can’t match.

You will have access to local & international experts who are masters of promoting businesses — including getting you found on search engines, starting a conversation on social media and delivering your message where it matters most.

SPH News Xtend ensures every dollar you spend is an investment in improving your business and you can track your results anytime, anywhere via your online customer dashboard.

We give you the ability to focus on your business today, while we help you catch your customers of tomorrow.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Campaign Management
A dedicated campaign management team ensures your campaign is running smoothly to meet your objectives, so you can get back to running your business.

2. Creative Services
Creative experts will produce bold and eye catching digital advertising and landing pages to market your brand online.

A dedicated team of social content experts will create Facebook social ads for your campaign to engage your ideal customers and achieve your business’s campaign goals.

3. Call Tracking
Identify true return on investment from your marketing campaign by tracking, listening to and measuring ‘real time’ phone calls from your Search campaign.

4. One Provider Working Towards Your Goals
Streamline your online marketing channels via the one provider and leverage cross platform data to deliver the best results.

5. Campaigns Built To Your Objectives
SPH News Xtend chooses all digital products and advertising customisations for your campaigns based on delivering against your business objectives.

6. Expertise = Higher ROI
Your digital marketing is handled by qualified and experienced leads whose number one focus is spending your budget smarter to achieve your objectives quicker.

1. Appear Across Premium Websites
Programmatic Display campaigns will appear on websites owned by Singapore Press Holdings and other quality well known websites.

2. Build Engaging Advertising Creative
Access to a creative studio to build highly engaging display advertising, free of charge, regularly with each campaign.

3. View Your Results 24/7
A live online customer dashboard will allow you to view your Display campaign results 24/7.

4. Retargeting Techniques Keep Your Business Top Of Mind
All campaigns include Display Retargeting to ensure those interested in your business will keep you top of mind.

1. Facebook Marketing Partner
We are a premium Facebook marketing partner. This allows us collateral, best practice recommendations, training sessions and constant contact with Facebook to deepen our learning, and drive better results for Facebook.

2. Facebook Certifications
The team is Facebook Blueprint certified and therefore add advanced-level competency to your Facebook campaigns.

3. Build Engaging Advertising Content
The content creation team will build highly engaging and robust ad content that drives considerable actions to meet your business goal.

4. Optimisation Towards The Best Performing Ads
Creation of multiple ads for your business allows the technology to automatically optimise towards the ad generating your desired outcome.

5. View Your Results 24/7
A live online customer dashboard will allow you to view your Social campaign results 24/7.

6. Retargeting Techniques Keep Your Business Top Of Mind
Campaigns can include Social Retargeting to ensure those interested in your business

Search Engine Marketing
1. Google Premier Partner
We are a certified Google Premier Partner, and we experience a range of benefits with our Google products all of which we pass on to our valued customers.

2. First Access To New Google Features And Applications
All campaigns will access the latest features and technology from Google almost immediately, ensuring your objectives are met faster.

3. Achieving Your Goals
All Search campaigns are optimised towards achieving your goal and not just on the cheapest clicks.

4. View Your Results 24/7
A live online customer dashboard will allow you to view your Search campaign results 24/7.

5. Full Transparency
Full transparency on budget spend and what keywords are driving conversions through the live online customer dashboard.

6. Track Your Phone Calls
Access to our Call Tracking feature, allowing you to listen to and measure ‘real time’ phone calls free of charge with each Search campaign.

7. Retargeting Techniques Keep Your Business Top Of Mind
Campaigns can include Retargeting to ensure those interested in your business will keep you top of mind.

How do the subscription plans work and how much do they cost?

While a tactical approach to marketing can have its benefits (sales, end of season specials, enrolment periods etc.) an always-on approach to marketing is what truly grows businesses in a long term and sustainable way.

We develop a strategy that will help you to reach and grow your customer base over an extended period of time, providing consistency in new customer acquisition.

We work together to select the best package to achieve your business goals, and we charge you for the package each month.

A subscription model means predictability both in results and new customers, but also for your ongoing marketing budget.

What is the minimum commitment period?

The minimum commitment period is 3 months. This is how long it really takes us to learn about your audience and the campaign, optimise it for best performance and ramp up the results. After 3 months you’ll know exactly what sort of results to expect moving forward and we’ll always be working to improve it over time. After the 3-month term, there’s just a 30-day notice period if you’d like to pause, change or cancel your campaign. 

How can I subscribe to SPH News Xtend packages?

Once we’ve chosen the most appropriate package to meet your goals, we’ll get you to sign an insertion order (IO) which will activate our team to begin the setup process. We’ll ask you to nominate 3 available times for a setup call and we’ll book it in with the campaign coordinator to get it started!

What can I expect after I sign up?

Your dedicated team will be made up of Campaign Management and fulfilment specialists (across display, social and search). They’ll work together to set your campaign up and help you deliver your business goals.

What to expect next

Our goal is to get your campaign live quickly and make your set up as easy as possible. There may be a bit of back and forth during the process but your Set-Up Campaign Manager will be there to support you all the way.

Campaign set-up

Your Set-Up Campaign Manager will be in touch soon to arrange a campaign setup call. During the call, the team will:

• Review the specifics of your digital marketing campaign goals

• Outline what is required to set your campaign up for success. This may include technical requirements such as Google Tag Manager code placement, design assets and access to specific platforms such as Google Analytics 

• The set-up checklist below includes the main requirements to set your campaign up for success. 

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that allows us to track your customers’ behaviours and movements on your website. Our team inserts pixels/code so we can track certain actions – like clicks, form fill completions and phone calls – on your website. Our Campaign Management team will create a GTM account and send a container tag code to you or your web developer to add to each page on your website. If you already have a GTM account, we will provide you with instructions on how to grant us access. Sounds tricky but it’s a pretty simple process! 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) gives us the digital analytics tools we need to analyse your website data and campaign performance. This includes:

  • Traffic to your website 
  • Bounce rates 
  • Audience data 
  • Conversion/goal data

Our Campaign Management team will request access to your Google Analytics. If you don’t have GA, our team will create an account for you.

Creative assets 

The type of imagery and design used in any campaign plays an important role in how your brand connects actively and emotionally with your customers. 

Choosing the right imagery is key. Consider these best practice design recommendations when supplying materials for your Display & Facebook ads.

  • High Resolution Logos & Imagery: Provide a high quality resolution logo (300 dpi) and images to use with your display creatives. The recommended formats include PDF and EPS files for logos and PNG for Facebook images 
  • Style Guide: If possible, provide a style guide so our team is able to mimic the branding style in our creatives. Alternatively, we will use your website as a guide
  • Campaign Focus: Before briefing in your Display & Facebook creatives, consider your focuses and campaign goals and what success looks like!

If you don’t have branded materials or imagery, don’t fret! We’ll help you source on-brand imagery. If you plan to provide your own display creatives, our team will confirm size specs during set- up. 

You’ve gone live; now what?

Once all action points have been fulfilled during set-up, your campaign will be ready to go live. Once you’ve been live for a few weeks, your Live Campaign Manager will coordinate your first campaign review. We schedule this around four weeks after “go live” to enable the team to gain a solid view on how the campaign is performing. Behind-the-scenes, your dedicated team will continue to monitor and optimise your campaign. Please refer to your contract to see how your campaign will be serviced. 

Will I have access to campaign results?

Yes. You will have access to a live online customer dashboard which will allow you to instantly view your campaign results 24/7. Access is provided two weeks after your campaign has launched.

Can I subscribe to SPH News Xtend if my business does not have any website or social media presence?

Ensuring that all your campaigns are ‘clean’ and meet the following criteria will make the set-up seamless (and faster!) and, most importantly, a great customer experience. 

The website, and your ability to access it is very important.

❏ You MUST have a live website, not one under construction or nearing completion. We will need to return any campaigns where your website is not 100% complete and operational back to sales. 

❏ Google Analytics should exist on your website already OR you will need to have access to your website to be able to place our GA code. Without this code we cannot track phone calls and demonstrate ROI. (Or you will need to have a web developer willing and able to drop code for you).

❏ If Google Tag Manager exists on the website already (Use Ghostery Extension to check if the site has GTM) then please grant access to nxtagmanager@gmail.com. 

❏ If you do not have Google Tag Manager we will need to place additional code on your website for Google Tag Manager and Call Tracking, so you will need your website logins and the ability to place this (or have a web developer willing to place this). 

For legal reasons SPH cannot place this code ourselves. We cannot set a campaign live without all of these points therefore please ensure all of these points are confirmed prior to signing.