Spooky fun at the Kiss92 Halloween Party

23 December 2021

Thousands of listeners joined the Kiss92 DJs for a spooky good time during the station's Halloween Party which was broadcast on Facebook Live, gaining over 17,000 views.

The wickedly fun evening saw the Kiss92 DJs fully decked out in costumes in the spirit of Halloween and competing with each other in team games, with the audience joining virtually. The fans all had fun playing the games alongside the DJs, guessing horror movie characters from pixelated pictures and horror movie titles from the jocks’ descriptions. The top 3 fans who interacted with us the most won prizes worth $3,000, $2,500 and $2,000.

And they’re not the only ones! Just by sending in their RSVPs, 92 VIPs won for themselves a delectable dinner while 30 listeners won 2 bottles of soju, all of which were delivered during the event day to complete the party experience.

Meanwhile, two fans who shared the best Halloween stories also won prizes worth $550. There were also perks for VIPs to win prizes simply just by watching and commenting.

In total, we gave away prizes worth more than $12,000 from One Farrer Hotel, Escape Restaurant, Nest at One Farrer and Kiehl's Since 1851! 

In just slightly over an hour, the Facebook Live received 6.2K comments, showing just how actively our listeners participated in the event. 

Post-event, the sponsors were happy with how organic the reviews of the jocks were regarding the meals and the prizes, and were also more than satisfied with the mentions given.

Mr Bernard Lim, Programme Director of Kiss92 and ONE FM 91.3 said, “We had strong sign ups and engagement from all our participants were very good, so it was a successful event for the station. The DJs were witty in their banter throughout and it made for a memorable online event enjoyed by our listeners.”