Stretch your budget and maximise returns with SPH News Xtend, a convenient subscription-based digital marketing solution

October 2020

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are looking for a convenient way to market their products and services online can now avail of a one-stop outcome-based digital marketing solution through SPH News Xtend. 

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and News Corp Australia (NCA) have struck up a three-year partnership that brings NCA’s digital marketing service, News Xtend, to Singapore, expanding SPH’s already extensive advertising network.

For the first time, businesses can sign up for digital marketing packages through an affordable and cost-effective monthly subscription model, starting from $2500.

With SPH News Xtend, your business will achieve the desired business outcomes that you have prioritised.


Choose from 3 packages to see your business marketed effectively online, and optimised through channels including SPH digital assets, programmatic advertising, search engine marketing and social media advertising. You may also add on other SPH media assets to your subscription package.

Package 1: Brand Awareness, Engagement, Website Traffic
Put your business top of mind, and drive more customers to your website

Package 2: Online Sales
Effectively increase your ecommerce conversions

Package 3: Leads and Phone Calls
Get your phone ringing off the hook, and create more leads with less effort


Easily track digital performance metrics in real time through a live online customer dashboard which will give you more control over your marketing efforts. 

Make the most of your budget today with SPH News Xtend’s cost-effective solutions, and let the results do the talking. 

For more information on SPH News Xtend, visit or email today.