Taking Your Business to the Next Level

About 60 client marketers attended SPH's Fuel Your Business Growth Workshop, which was conceptualised to help enterprises create cost-effective marketing campaigns. This is the second part of The C3 series, which stands for “Collaborate. Create. Captivate.”

The speakers comprised subject matter experts who shared tips on the various components to consider for campaigns.

Serene Goh, Head of Editorial Content, for SPH’s content and creative services unit, Sweet shared about the importance of a well-crafted brand story in capturing the hearts of audiences.

Meanwhile, Magdalene Thniah, Senior Feature Editor for the Chinese Media Group touched base on the mammoth potential of tapping into the large Mandarin-speaking market.

Our final speaker, Yang Hui Cheng, Head of Solutions Strategic Planning, elaborated on how a well-planned campaign can help increase awareness, drive sales and create impact for their businesses.

Hosted by SPH Radio's deejays Jing Yun from 96.3 Hao Fm as well as Wei Long from UFM 1003, it was a lighthearted affair that also saw our guests interact with counterparts from other enterprises during the networking sessions. Our panellists were subsequently invited on stage to have a discussion on how best to win the hearts and minds of your specific target audience and ensure continued growth for the business. They were made up of Jing Yun herself, Yang Hui Cheng, Chief Sweet Officer Damien Bray as well as Shen Yue, Digital Product Editor of Chinese Media Group and Co-Editor of SgSME.

After the panel discussion, Damien Bray invited Fullhouse Home Furnishing's Digital Marketing Manager, Mr Nicholas Ngin, for a short Sweet Solution Jam, a live demonstration of what marketers can expect when doing a briefing with Sweet. This included discussing the company's key challenges, how to find your customer's persona when doing marketing to ensure customer engagement, what type of content and creative ideas will help create engagement and what media and marketing platforms to utilise for successful outreach.

On this special segment facilitated by Damien Bray, Mr Nicholas Ngin was full of praise for it. He said, "Who would have known that you could gain so much insights within a short 10 minute Jam Session! One can only wonder how an hour’s meeting with Mr Damien would have turned out. I'm definitely looking forward to collaborating together! It was also very “Sweet” of Mr Damien to share his knowledge, not only with Fullhouse, but also the rest of the audience."

The informative session ended with three lucky participants walking away with Google Home Minis during the final questionnaire. With the new insights gained, we welcome you to start taking your businesses to the next level!

For photos and highlights of the event, please see below.